ILST Test Mode

ILST Test Mode

To assist in setup and troubleshooting, the ILST has a test mode. It can be configured in the <ApplicationSettings> area of the config file, and the default value is "true". 

When in test mode, the ILST will run, and make all of the necessary calls to complete a sync: connecting to the directory, returning users from the Igloo APIs, and running any additional Group queries. However, it will not make any changes in your digital workplace. It will produce a log as expected, recording every action. 

After completing its run, the ILST will create an output file, which details the following: 

  • All user accounts returned from the directory
  • All user accounts returned from the digital workplace
  • Any changes the ILST intends to make to those accounts, including adding, revoking, and updating users
  • The specific ids of any Groups those users are to be added or removed from. 

This provides Administrators with precise insight into what the ILST will do when run in live mode, and is always recommended when doing any testing, setup, or troubleshooting. 

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