Set Member, Space, and Storage Limits

Changing the limits of a Networked Enterprise workplace

Using the Enterprise Administration Panel (EAP), Enterprise administrators can set how the number of Members, Spaces, and Storage a workplace in the Networked Enterprise has available. By setting limits based on the purpose of the digital workplace, Enterprise administrators can better manage the Networked Enterprise's overall limits. Only used member accounts, spaces, and storage are counted towards the Networked Enterprise's limits.

How to change the limits of a Networked Enterprise workplace

  1. While signed into a digital workplace that is part of the Networked Enterprise, click the Control Panel button (adminpng) to open the Control Panel.
  2. Select EAP from under the Resources section of the Control Panel to navigate to the EAP. 
  3. On the Communities tab, click the digital workplace that you want to edit. This opens the workplace's configuration options.
  4. Select the Limits tab to view what options are available.
  5. Edit the following limits:
    • Members: Set how many users can be in the workplace.
    • Spaces: Set how many spaces or solutions can be created in the workplace.
    • Storage: Set the amount of storage space that a workplace has for files.
    • Upload Limit: Set the max file size that can be uploaded. Avoid setting this value to over 2GB.
  6. Click save to apply these changes.

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