Set Limits on Spokes

Setting spoke limits

Using the Enterprise Administration Panel (EAP), Enterprise administrators can configure the number of members, spaces, and storage space a workplace within their Networked Enterprise has available. In addition to these limits, the maximum allowable size of uploaded files can be set. The following instructions outline how to edit the features of a single workplace.

Note: These values will only count towards the Networked Enterprise limits (displayed on the Communities page) as they are used. For example, setting a limit of 100 members does not count towards the overall member limit.

How to set spoke limits

  1. While signed into a digital workplace that is part of the Networked Enterprise, click the Control Panel button to open the Control Panel.
  2. Select EAP from under the Resources section of the Control Panel to navigate to the EAP. 
  3. On the Communities tab, click the digital workplace that you want to edit. This will open the workplace's configuration options.
  4. Select the Limits tab to view what options are available.
  5. Set the following Community Limits:
    • Members: How many users the workplace can have.
    • Spaces: How many spaces and solutions the workplace can have.
    • Storage: How much space the workplace has available for files.
  6. Set the following Rules:
    • Upload Limit: How large uploaded files can be. Do not set this value greater than 2GB.
  7. Click the Save button to apply these settings.

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