Mark Spokes as Templates

Marking a Networked Enterprise workplace as a template

Enterprise Administrators can mark a workplace as a template within the Networked Enterprise. It is then selectable as a template when creating a new spoke. A spoke created from a template will have the same structure as the template, but will not include any of the content of the template Workplaces with structures that you want to reuse for consistency are ideal candidates for templates. 

Note: The hub site cannot be marked as a template.

How to mark a Networked Enterprise workplace as a template

  1. While signed into a digital workplace that is part of the Networked Enterprise, click the Control Panel button (adminpng) to open the Control Panel.
  2. Select EAP from under the Resources section of the Control Panel.
  3. On the Communities tab, click the digital workplace that you want to make a selectable template during new spoke creation.
  4. On the Overview tab of the digital workplace, click "Mark as template".
  5. Click Save to apply this change.

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