Editing the features of a Networked Enterprise

Editing the features of a Networked Enterprise workplace

Using the Enterprise Administration Panel (EAP), Enterprise administrators can toggle what languages and features a workplace in the Networked Enterprise has available. The following instructions outline how to edit the features of a single workplace. However, Enterprise administrators can also edit the features of multiple workplaces at the same time.

How to edit the features of a Networked Enterprise workplace

  1. While signed into a digital workplace that is part of the Networked Enterprise, click the Control Panel button (adminpng) to open the Control Panel.
  2. Select EAP from under the Resources section of the Control Panel to navigate to the EAP. 
  3. On the Communities tab, click the digital workplace that you want to edit. This will open the workplace's configuration options.
  4. Select the Features tab to view what options are available.
  5. Select what languages the workplace can use, and what its default language is.
    • Igloo system text displays in a user's preferred language. For other text to display using a user's preferred language, content creators and administrators must provide the translation. If no translation exists, the default language is used.
  6. Select what features are enabled or disabled in the workplace. These include:
  7. Click Save to apply any changes.

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