Bulk Editing Multiple Networked Enterprise Workplaces

Bulk editing the features of multiple Networked Enterprise workplaces

Using the Enterprise Administration Panel (EAP), Enterprise administrators can bulk edit the languages, features, and authentication method of multiple workplaces at once. This provides a time-saving alternative to editing each workplace individually.

How to Bulk edit the features of multiple Networked Enterprise workplace

  1. While signed into a digital workplace that is part of the Networked Enterprise, click the Control Panel button (adminpng) to open the Control Panel.
  2. Select EAP from under the Resources section of the Control Panel to navigate to the EAP.
  3. Click the checkboxes next to each Workplace to select the ones that you want to edit.
    • To select all workplaces within the Networked Enterprise click the drop down next to the selection checkbox above the list of workplaces. Then click the Select All option.
  4. After selecting the workplaces that you want to edit, click the "Manage" button to open up the features window.
  5. Select what languages the selected workplaces have available, and what their default language is.
    • Igloo system text displays in a user's preferred language. For other text to display using a user's preferred language, content creators and administrators must provide the translation. If no translation exists, the default language is used.
  6. Select the Authentication Method to be used by all selected workplaces, and whether Sign in Settings is accessible from the workplace Control Panel
    • Authentication settings must still be configured for these workplaces.
  7. Select what features are enabled or disabled in the selected workplaces. These include:
  8. Click Apply to proceed to a confirmation window.
  9. The confirmation window will outline the bulk changes that will be made. Click Apply to save these changes.
    • These changes enter a queue to be completed. Completion time can vary depending on the number of changes, and if there are already items in the queue. 

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