Channels act as containers that store the pre-defined content types available in a digital workplace. 

Channels contain almost all content within a workplace. Before being able to create content, an Administrator must add Channels to a workplace. There is no limit on the number of Channels that can be added, and it is often beneficial to have multiple Channels of the same type within a workplace. These Channels can focus on different themes (company news, vs. team news), and can have the level of user access to them controlled independently. 

Displaying Channel contents

A Channel's content can be viewed by navigating to the Channel, or by creating a view into a Channel using Widgets. With Widgets, it is possible to display the content from multiple Channels of the same type in one location.

Channels and their content types

ChannelContent TypeUsage
blog_channel_iconpngBlogBlog ArticlesCommunicating stories relevant to an organization.
calendar_channel_iconpngCalendarCalendar EventsScheduling and publicizing events. 
big_folder_iconpngFolderFiles/Documents and FoldersStoring documents that have been uploaded into the workplace.
forum_channel_iconpngForumForum TopicsEnabling discussion.
microblog_channnel_iconpngMicroblogMicroblog PostsCommunicating brief messages.
task_channel_iconpngTaskTasksTracking and managing tasks.
wiki_channel_iconpngWikiWiki ArticlesManaging knowledge.

Additional Channel Resources

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