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A key function of the IT Administrator is to securely authenticate user access to the digital workplace.  This section covers the authentication options available in the Igloo Platform and how to manage them.

Settings

What is it?

The Sign In Settings area allows administrators to adjust their users sign in and session experience. This location also provides access to authentication configuration options for SAML Authentication or LDAP Authentication


Features and functionality

Enable Forgot Password

Enable Forgot Password provides an option on the login page which allows the digital workplace to send an email with a one-time reset password token which is valid for 24 hours. However, if a user does not follow through with the reset process, the old password will still be valid.

Enable Remember Me

If your digital workplace’s authentication is managed by LDAP or Igloo the Remember Me option can be turned on to place a Remember Me button on your sign in page. If a user toggles this option on, their session will remain active on their computer or device for 30 days.

This functionality will not affect your session if your digital workplace uses SAML to manage your authentication.

If your digital workplace uses LDAP Authentication and this options is not present, please contact our Support Team. If a user is part of digital workplaces and your digital workplace uses LDAP Authentication, they will not be able to use this functionality.

Enable Browser Session Termination

By default Igloo sessions stay active even if a browser is closed. Browser Session Termination overrides this behavior and will end an Igloo login session when the browser is closed.

Note: If anyone has an active session in your digital workplace before Browser Session Termination is enabled, they will not be affected until their session ends either by logging out or timing out. If you are planning to use Browser Session Termination it is strongly advised to enable it before adding members.

Configure Session Timeout

Set the length of time that a user’s session remains active while they’re not taking actions in the digital workplace. If no actions are taken within the set period of time the users session will end, logging them out of the digital workplace. If a user performs an action within the digital workplace their timeout will reset. By default this will be set to 3 hours. The minimum timeout is one minute, with a maximum of 30 days. Increase this timeout value to reduce how often your users need to log into the digital workplace.

Authentication Configuration

If you have SAML Authentication or LDAP Authentication enabled, you will see a link to the configuration form for those features at the bottom of this page.

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