Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload Members

What is it?

Bulk Upload provides the ability to add members to your digital workplace, and to modify member’s profile information and group membership. Bulk uploading requires you to have your membership information in a CSV formatted text file. The Bulk Upload feature is found on the Manage Members page of the administrator’s Control Panel.

Features and functionality


CSV data

Bulk uploading members and their information into your digital workplace is done by copying the contents of a CSV formatted text file into the CSV Data text box of the bulk upload page. This text box will initially contain all the member profile fields that are available for your digital workplace. These headers are case sensitive. However, the order of the columns does not matter. A blank CSV file containing the default headers for a digital workplace using Igloo Authentication can be downloaded here.

If the CSV file being used was created by the Manage Members Export Member List functionality, it will not contain the appropriate column headers used by the Bulk Upload. These column headers would need to be renamed to the expected titles found on the Bulk Upload page, or linked in the CSV above. 

Refer to the article Profile Page Fields to see how the Bulk Upload attribute fields map to User's profile fields.  

Required fields

In the CSV file, each row other than the header corresponds with a member to add to your digital workplace, or a member who’s profile information you would like to change. Of the available fields, only four are required for each member when performing a bulk upload: firstname, lastname, email, and password. For new members, the password field must contain information, while it should be left blank for existing members. Digital workplaces that are using SAML Authentication require the fields: firstname, lastname, email, and customIdentifier. However, the customIdentifier field does not need to contain any information.howto1step4.png

Field contents

In the CSV file information contained in a field will replace whatever is currently contained in that field when the bulk upload is processed. Blank fields will be ignored. Enter $CLEAR into the corresponding field of the CSV file to clear any contents it has.

Group field

The groupsToAdd field can be used to add members to multiple member groups and space groups within your digital workplaces. This field expects group names that match existing groups within the workplace, although the names are not case sensitive. Adding a member to multiple groups at the same time is done by entering each group name separated by the pipe character (|). When adding a member to a space group, the name of the space must also be specified along with the space group name. This is done by entering the space name followed by the tilde character (~) and then the space group name. Spaces do not need to be used around the | and ~ delimiters. Below is an example of adding members to member groups and space groups.


Other group names that can be used are:

  • To add a member as a space administrator use the convention: Space Name~Space Admins (ex. HR~Space Admins). Adding a member as a space administrator will also automatically add them as a member of the space.
  • To add a member to a space use the convention: Space Name~Space Members (ex. HR~Space Members).
  • To add a member as an administrator of the digital workplace use the group name: Administrators.

Members added with the bulk upload will automatically be added to the system group All Members.

Sector field

The Sector field will not function correctly if it contains regular text. Sectors must be specified using an integer. A mapping of integer to sector name can be found by downloading our sector list excel file here.

Gender, Department, Address 2, Extension and Status fields

While it is possible to populate these fields with information using the bulk upload, these profile fields are not displayed on a member’s profile page. If you would like to display any of these fields, please contact Igloo Support.

Manager fields

There are two fields that can be included in the bulk upload to indicate a member’s manager on their profile: i report to and i report to email. If you Bulk Upload using i report to, the manager’s name will appear in the member’s profile but will not be linked to the manager’s account. If the i report to email field is used and contains the email address associated with a manager’s account, who is also a member of the workplace, Igloo will match the email to desired manager’s account and also link to that account.

Date fields

Fields using a date, such as birthdate, expect a date value entered in the format YYYY-MM-DD.


Use a descriptive name that identifies why the bulk upload is being done. This title will be displayed in a list of past bulk uploads and provides your future self or other membership managers an explanation on what was done in the upload.

Space and group delimiters

By default, space and group delimiters are ~ and | respectively. If these are changed ensure that your groupsToAdd and groupsToRemove fields use the delimiters that you are specifying here.

Error reporting

After selecting Upload Members any errors will be displayed under the Upload Members button. Errors that appear here will need to be resolved in order for the bulk upload to occur. These errors will indicate what the error is, and potentially what row in the error occurs on in the CSV file.

Pending bulk member uploads

The pending bulk upload table will contain information about the status of the current upload and past uploads. To update the status of the current upload, refresh the page. Only the 25 most recent bulk uploads will be displayed in the table.

How to bulk upload members

Step 1: Navigate to the bulk member upload page

Select, Manage Members inside your Control Panel. The link to bulk member upload is found in the upper right corner of the Manage Members area.

Step 2: Prepare the CSV file

The list of profile fields for your workplace can be found in the CSV Data field. Use these as column headings in a CSV formatted spreadsheet. Alternatively, if your digital workplace does not contain any custom fields and uses Igloo Authentication you can download a formatted CSV file to use for your bulk member upload here. In your spreadsheet add members who you want to add or update fields for as rows. Recall that firstname, lastname, email, and password are all mandatory fields, and that the password field only needs to contain information for new members.

Step 3: Copy the data to the uploader

Save your CSV file and then open it in a text editor such as Notepad. Copy the contents of this file into the CSV Data text field of the bulk member upload page, replacing any text that is present.

Step 4: Perform the upload

Select the Upload Members button to run the bulk member upload with the data contained in the CSV Data text field. Uploads can take a couple of minutes to complete depending on how many members are being added. Periodically refresh the page to view the current status of the upload in the Pending Bulk Members Uploads table.

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