RSS Feed Widget

RSS Feed Widget

The RSS Feed widget allows you to display public RSS feeds from external websites, in your digital workplace. This widget is commonly used to display relevant news and weather feeds.


Configuring the RSS Feed widget

After placing the Subscriptions integration widget on a page or space, it must be configured by clicking the widget's Edit button. The  Appearance tab is not used in the basic configuration of this widget. If you are applying any enhancements to the widget, you should use the Class field located on the Appearance tab as directed.  

Configure the RSS Feed widget options


  • Title: Enter a title to display above the widget
  • Description: Enter a brief description to provide context to what is being displayed in the widget.
  • Feed URLs:  Enter the URL of an RSS feed. Click "Add Another" to enter multiple RSS feed URLs.
  • Number of results: Enter the number of feed items that are displayed in the widget.

Configure the RSS Feed widget layout


  • Date: Select to display the dates associated with RSS feed items.
  • Source: Select to display to source associated with RSS feed items.
  • Body: Select to display the content body associated with RSS feed items.

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