Knowledge Management

The importance of knowledge management

There’s a wealth of untapped knowledge locked in drawers, hard drives, and your employees’ heads, and years' worth of know-how is lost when employees leave. Knowledge Management Solutions are uniquely designed to reign in your company’s knowledge because you can’t afford to lose it. Most knowledge management platforms are focused on housing final content – like documents, policies, and procedures. But what about the work in progress –the conversations, lessons learned, or brilliant ideas that never see the light of day? Capturing that wealth of knowledge is where your digital workplace comes in.

All Knowledge Management Solutions powered by Igloo integrate with leading productivity and file sharing apps like Office 365, Google for Work, and Dropbox so you can store information wherever you want and it’s all accessible from right inside your digital workplace. So employees have access to the company’s collective knowledge at any time, from anywhere.

Key benefits

  • Creates a single source of truth
  • Reduces time for searching for information
  • Improves organizational agility
  • Faster decision-making
  • Quicker problem-solving
  • Drives innovation
  • Promotes a knowledge sharing culture
  • Promotes trust
  • Improves business processes

Key audiences

  • Executives
  • Knowledge managers
  • Human resources

Typical use cases

  • Create a brand portal to manage your brand assets
  • Centralize corporate policies in a compliance center
  • Create policy centers for each team
  • Launch an HR Zone to share employee benefits
  • Build an onboarding center
  • Create standard knowledge bases for key areas such as product, pricing, marketing
  • Set up a competitive lab for managing competitive intelligence
  • Facilitate ideation across the company using an ideation lab

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