The importance of collaboration

There are countless studies that have focused on collaboration and how teamwork sets companies up for success. Better collaboration not only equals a happier workforce, it generally represents a more educated workforce as well. A collaborative workplace naturally cultivates a sense of community within an organization, with employees feeling almost like they're part of a family. This compels them to go beyond the expectations of their role, absorbing as much organizational knowledge as possible and driving the business forward with informed and sound decisions. 

In your digital workplace, working together isn't just easier, it's seamless because information is accessible to everyone who needs it. A great digital workplace creates team spaces that spark collaboration which brings people, information, and conversations together to boost team innovation and foster peak productivity.

Key benefits

  • Group learning
  • Improved problem solving
  • Big picture view
  • Breaks down barriers (e.g. knowledge sharing, communications)

Key stakeholders

  • Departmental managers
  • Project mangers
  • Team leaders
  • Executives

Typical use cases

  • Promote departmental collaboration through Department rooms
  • Manage team and corporate projects through a centralized project area
  • Support multiple business branches through regional rooms for offices, business units, and/or franchises
  • Share corporate ideas (e.g. product, best practices) through an ideation lab
  • Support cross-collaboration and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing through communities (of practice or interest)
  • Spark meaningful internal conversations through discussion forums and FAQs
  • Centralize employee requests by using a request zone

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