Digital Transformation Preparation

In the Digital Workplace Strategy section of the User-Guide, you'll learn about the planning and implementation journey for your Digital Workplace. 

You'll use this information to plan your digital workplace implementation. This is the recommended starting point for new Igloo digital workplace managers.

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Preparing for your digital transformation journey

 You've identified a need to digitize elements of your business
 You've recognized a need to address changing workplace trends  
✔  You've heard from key stakeholders that a digital transformation may solve key challenges

Partnering with Igloo on your journey

Creating a successful digital workplace takes more than just introducing new technology — it’s about a destination that connects people to people, people to information, and people to the technologies they rely on every day to get their work done effectively and efficiently. When you get it right, your employees are more engaged. They are using the digital workplace to solve real business challenges in their day-to-day work activities. The result is an organization that is more innovative, productive, and competitive in the global market. As your digital transformation partner, Igloo has the background, knowledge, and expertise to provide guidance and resources when you need it most. Let’s get started!

Proven delivery framework

Our experts are here to help you at every stage of your journey, using our proven, six-stage delivery framework. The first stage focuses on building a strong foundation for long-term success. We call it the Prep Stage.


Note: This diagram represents a common project workflow and is provided solely as an example. Your project’s workflow may differ depending on services purchased.

Getting started

Every organization is different and to build a purposeful destination that your employees will love to use, you need to tailor it to the specific business challenges they face daily.

PlaybookTip_Icon.pngPlaybook Tip: Five simple questions to get you started

To understand the needs of your business and where to focus your initial attention, start by asking these 5 key questions. Be sure to consider the perspective of all levels of your organization.

  1. What do employees feel is missing, or dysfunctional, in your digital workplace?
  2. What are employees’ biggest frustrations in their daily work experience including time wasters?
  3. What are the central obstacles to peak productivity?
  4. What are the stumbling blocks to open and efficient communication?
  5. What does your corporate culture need to increase employee satisfaction?

With these answers in hand, you can start your digital transformation by deploying purpose-built solutions that address your biggest challenges. To get employees to adopt and engage with these solutions, you need to show them it can make their daily work life better, and you need to do it fast. The best digital workplace solutions sell themselves to employees by:

  • Making it easy to find the information they need when they need it
  • Connecting them to the right people at the right time
  • Centralizing corporate news and events
  • Plugging them into the organization’s social scene
  • Putting updated policies and best practices in one place
  • Simplifying access to key technical resources

Resist the urge to rush

We know it can be tempting to rush your digital workplace launched. Get it out the door and work out the details later. This may work once in a while, but remember, each wrong turn on the path to digital transformation costs you time, money, and productivity. We recommend taking the time to do upfront research, create a strategy, and get executive buy-in on your plan. 

We know, there's a lot to think about and even more to do. That's why we created the Digital Workplace Playbook, to help you create a long-term digital workplace strategy that will ensure your success in the short and long term.  

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