In the Manage Content section of the User Guide, you'll learn about the options available for managing content within your Igloo digital workplace. 

You'll use this knowledge to improve and enhance workflows as you author and maintain various forms of content in your digital workplace.

File Preview


Files uploaded to your digital workplace will have previews generated if they are of a supported file type. This allows members of a digital workplace to view and interact with these previews without downloading the file itself. 

Documents, videos, images, and audio files each display in their own interfaces that provide functionality specific to that type of file. 

Considerations and caveats

Preview generation

File previews are generated when the following conditions are met:

  • The file is of a supported type (see file-type specific sections below) 
  • The file does not have password protection
  • If the file is a video, it must be below 1 GB in size

Larger files take more time to have a preview generated. 

Embedding files elsewhere in your digital workplace

Depending on the type of file, see:

Embedding files outside of your digital workplace

While you can embed files outside of your digital workplace, how this is done may depend on the location. In general, for documents and videos, you can use the iframe generated by clicking Embed; however, audio and image files require you to right-click Download and copy the link's URL to get the source URL.

This content will also need to be made publicly available; otherwise, it will only be viewable by those who are signed into the digital workplace and who also have sufficient access to the file.


Adding a file as an attachment to content and comments also results in a preview being generated. To view this preview, click the attachment.

Document preview

Documents that consist primarily of text are displayed in an interface that allows for navigating and searching the document. 

On March 25. 2021, we introduced a new document preview experience (shown and discussed in this section). Documents uploaded after March 25 will preview in this new interface, while existing documents will initially display in the old interface. These existing documents will be transitioned to the new interface using the following method.

The first time anyone views an existing document, the platform will enter it into a queue to generate a preview for the new interface. The time it takes to generate a new preview will depend on the number of items already in the queue. This is a one-time task per document; once a new preview has been generated, all subsequent views will display using the new interface.

We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of this method of transitioning documents to the new interface and seek to remove it when the impact of doing so would be minimal.


Supported document file types

These types of documents will have a preview generated for them:

  • css
  • csv
  • doc
  • docm
  • docx
  • dot
  • dotm
  • dotx
  • html
  • msg
  • odp
  • ods
  • odt
  • oth
  • otm
  • otp
  • ots
  • ott
  • pdf
  • potm
  • potx
  • ppam
  • ppsm
  • ppsx
  • ppt
  • pptx
  • rtf
  • rtx
  • sgm
  • sgml
  • txt
  • vsd
  • vsdx
  • xls
  • xlsb
  • xlsm
  • xlsx
  • xltm
  • xltx
  • xml

Document preview tools

LayoutSelect how pages are arranged:
  • Single page
  • Double page
  • Grid view
Page navigationClick the arrows to navigate the pages in a document, or enter a page number to jump to that page.

SelectorSelect how you can interact with a document:
  • Use the Select Tool to select elements within a document
  • Use the Hand Tool to pan around a document. This can be useful when zoomed in on a document.
ZoomClick to zoom in and out of a document.

This option is not available in double page and grid view page arrangements.

Rotate ClockwiseClick to rotate all pages in a document clockwise by 90°.
Toggle FullscreenClick to expand a document to your entire screen. Click again, or click the X at the top of the screen, to return to the regular preview size.
SearchEnter a simple text query to find instances of it in a document. Locations where this text can be found are shown in the search pane that appears next to a document. Click these results to navigate to the page where the term is located.

Click the X on the search pane to close it.
Open File ManagerClick to open a document's location in the File Manager application.

This tool is not visible if your digital workplace has not enabled File Manager. You must also have File Manager installed on your computer for the tool to function.

This is not available when previewing a document that is an attachment.

More ControlsClick to show additional document options:
  • Share via Email: Creates an email in your preferred application that contains a link to a document's location. It also populates the subject field with the document's title and the sender's email address with your email (as configured in your email application).
  • Print: Prepares a document for printing using your browser's printer configuration settings.
  • Download: Save a copy of the document to your device.
  • Copy embed code: Generates a copyable embed code that you can use to surface a document elsewhere.
  • Edit with Windows Desktop Tool: Open a document in the preferred application for that file type on your computer. For more information about this application, see Windows Desktop Tool. This is not available when previewing a document that is an attachment, or if this functionality is not enabled for your digital workplace.

As the width of the preview interface shrinks, the other available tools are moved under this menu.

Video preview

Video files display in a video player that will render videos in 360p and 720p resolutions. In addition to toggling the resolution, you can adjust the volume, make the video fullscreen and navigate to different times in the video using the timeline. ff3.png

Supported video file types

These types of videos will have a preview generated for them:

  • asf
  • avi
  • flv
  • m4v
  • mkv
  • mov
  • movie
  • mp4
  • mpe
  • mpeg
  • mpg
  • ogv
  • qt
  • wmv

In addition to having to be of a supported file type, videos must also be under 1GB to have a preview generated.

Image preview

Image files are scaled down to fit in the preview window. This scaling only impacts the preview and not the source image file.ff2.png

Supported image file types

These types of images will have a preview generated for them:

  • ai
  • bmp
  • cgm
  • djv
  • djvu
  • eps
  • gif
  • ico
  • ief
  • jp2
  • jpe
  • jpeg
  • jpg
  • pbm
  • pct
  • pgm
  • pic
  • pict
  • png
  • pnm
  • pnt
  • pntg
  • ppm
  • psd
  • qti
  • qtif
  • ras
  • rgb
  • svg
  • tif
  • tiff
  • wbmp
  • xbm
  • xpm
  • xwd

Audio preview

Audio files display in an audio player that lets you adjust the volume and navigate to different parts of the track using the timeline. ff4.png

Supported audio file types

These types of audio will have a preview generated for them:

  • mp3
  • ogg
  • wav
  • wma


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