Using Labels

Using Lablels


Labels can be applied to content types (blogs, files, wikis, forum topics, and events) to help improve the management and findability of content. Workplace Administrators and users with the Manage Labels Role are able to create and manage labels from the Manage Labels page of the Control Panel. Labels are sitewide and can be applied to new and existing content. 

Any number of labels can be applied to a single piece of content. At the moment, there is not a direct method of bulk-adding labels across a selection of content (e.g. apply the "Policy" label to all wiki articles in a specific channel). 

Label Sorting

  • Labels: Sorted alphabetically. To control the order in which they are displayed prepend a number to them. For example 01 Applications, 02 Proposals, 03 Contracts
  • Label Groups: Sorted in order of their creation. New groups are placed at the bottom of the list.

Label management

Labels in a digital workplace are managed from the Manage Labels page of a digital workplace. On this page, administrators can:

  • Make labels mandatory: With this option selected, all new content must have a label attached to it before it can be published. However, content added by email bypasses this feature and the Desktop Client cannot add files when mandatory labels are enabled.
  • Manage label groups: All labels must belong in a label group. Groups can be created, renamed, and deleted. When a label group is deleted, its labels can be moved to a new group or permanently deleted.
  • Manage labels: Labels can be added to, deleted from, and moved between label groups. Existing labels can also be renamed. Labels within a group are sorted based on when they were created, with more recent labels appearing at the end of a label group.

Labels and label groups support multiple languages. These translations must be manually added using the provided language selector that appears when editing the label or label group.

Finding content based on labels

Labeling content provides an easy way for your users to find related content:

  • After performing a search, users can further filter the search results by the available workplace labels using the search results page Advanced Filter button. 
  • When viewing labeled content, users can any of the labels to perform a pre-filtered search for content that has that label.
  • When performing a search, the search results will also take into account the labels on content (e.g. performing a search of "Access" will return items labeled with Access in addition to content that contains the term Access).

How to enable mandatory Labels

By default, Labels are not mandatory. To enable mandatory Labels across your workplace follow these steps:

Note: You can adjust whether labels are mandatory on individual channels. See Channel Settings for more details.

Step 1: Open the Control Panel

The gear-like icon located in the top right corner of your workplace landing page will open the Control Panel.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings in the Control Panel

Navigate to the Settings tab in the Control Panel and select Manage Labels.


Step 3 Enable mandatory labels

Select the checkbox beside "Make labels mandatory for all published content throughout the site" and select Save


How to create Label Groups

Label Groups are used to help organize your labels and make them easier to find. To create a new group, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the Label Manager

Follow steps one and two above to access the Manage Labels area.

Step 2: Select Add a group

Scroll to the bottom of the Manage Labels interface and select Add a group


Step 3: Enter a group name

Enter a name for your Label Group in the Title field. It can be up to fifty characters long.


Step 4: Select Add

Select the Add button to create the new group.


How to add a Label

Step 1: Access the Label Manager

Follow steps one and two above to access the Manage Labels area.

Step 2: Select Add Label

Beside each Label Group is a button to add a Label. Select the one next to the group in which you want to add a label.


Step 3: Enter a Label name

Enter a name for your Label in the Title field. It can be up to fifty characters long.


Step 4 (Optional): Select Label Group

The group to which your label is being added will be displayed in the Group field. If it is not correct, you can click on that field and select a different group from the dropdown.


Step 5: Select Add

Select the Add button to create the new Label.


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