Embed Google Drive Video

Embed Google Drive Video

How to embed a video on Google Drive in Igloo

Step 1: Share the parent folder

Make sure that the video you want to link is shared with the appropriate users in Google Drive. Only users who can see the video in Google will be able to see it in Igloo.

You can adjust permissions on who can view a video by right-clicking on it in your drive and selecting Share

Step 2: Open the video

Double-click the video to view it in Google Drive and select the "Open in a new window" to open the video into a new window.

Step 3: Get the embed code

Select the “more actions” button on the video and then select “Embed item”.

Step 4: Copy the embed code

Copy the embed code provided to your clipboard.

Step 5: Edit your Igloo content

Create or edit a blog article, calendar event, forum discussion, HTML widget, or wiki article in your digital workplace.

Step 6: Select the embed option

In the WYSIWYG editor select Insert Video then Embedded Code.

Step 7: Paste the embed code

Paste the complete code obtained from Google Drive in the Embedded Code field and select Insert. A preview of the video frame should appear in your editor.
howto2step3.pngAnyone who has access to the content on Igloo, has access to the video in Google, and who is logged in to both places should now be able to play the video. Anyone who does not meet the above criteria will see a blank space.

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