Upload Files Using Email Attachments

What is it?

Files can be uploaded to a folder by sending an email to the Folder channel with the file as an attachment. The subject line and body of the email will be ignored, while the attached file will maintain its name. Each Folder channel and subfolder have their own unique email address which files can be sent to. Having multiple attachments in an email results in all attachments being uploaded to the emailed folder. If a file attachment in an email is a duplicate of a file already existing in the folder that is being emailed, the duplicate file will still be added to the folder, but with an incrementing numeric value next to its name.

Blogs, forums, microblogs and wikis created by email, can contain attachments. These attachments will appear below the corresponding content.

The email address used to upload a document must be associated with a digital workplace member who has at least Write access to the destination channel. If a user does not have Write access, the email will fail to upload any content.


Use Cases

Upload file as email attachment

Uploading a file as an attachment is useful when you have limited ability to login to your Igloo. In addition, if you have a process that generates files routinely, it could be set up to email the files directly to a channel in your workplace.

Features and functionality

Our platform is simple and intuitive but that doesn’t mean its capabilities are limited. There are a number of ways you can configure our platform to do exactly what you want. Below is a list of all additional features found within this particular feature or function.

To email a file to a Folder channel you must locate the folder’s email address. This can be found by selecting the downward facing arrow found next to the Add Files option. From the menu that drops down, you can select Download the contact card which contains the email address for the folder. You also have the option to download the contact card of all subfolders as well.



The ability to email a channel can be disabled in your workplace’s Global Settings, which can be found in the Control Panel. To disable email for a channel, unselect the checkbox corresponding to the channel that you do not want to have receive emails.


How to change a channel’s email

Channels that support having content emailed to them have a unique default email assigned to them. In addition to getting this email via the channel's contact card, you can also find and change this address using the channel’s Settings. You cannot change the email assigned to subfolders within a Folder channel.

Note: If you do add a custom email address to a channel, the original GUID address can still be used normally.

Follow the steps below to change the email address of a channel.

Step 1: Open the Action Menu

In the top right corner of your page or space there is an icon that looks like a downward pointing triangle (Action Button). Select it.

Step 2: Select, Settings

After you select the Action Button, your Action Menu will appear. Select, Settings from the list of options.


Step 3: Locate the Email Content section

Once you have opened the Settings page, find the Email Content section.


Step 4: Select which email option you want your channel to use

In the Email Content section, select the email option you would like your channel to use.


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