Using Calendars

Adding calendar events

Create Calendar events to organize your team, set corporate events, track vacations, and maintain deadlines. You can publish new Calendar Events (occurring in the past, present, or future) immediately, or save them as drafts. Depending on their location, Calendar Events may require moderation before they are published. 

Calendar Events live in Calendar Channels, and can be aggregated using a Calendar Events widget.

How to add calendar events

  1. Add a calendar event by:
  2. Enter a name for the event in the Title text field.
  3. Select what Calendar Channel this event will be added to using the Channel dropdown.
  4. Configure the event information:
    • Schedule: Use the date fields to set the beginning and end time of an event. Select "All day event" if you would like to have the event to span across the selected dates.
    • Time Zone: Click the Change button to view a list of timezones and select which one you would like the event to be displayed in.
    • Recurrence: Select at what frequency you would like to have this event recur (None, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly). If a recurrence is selected, you must also set the pattern of how often it will recur, if the recurrence should occur on a specific day of the week, and when the recurring event should end.
  5. Manage the event attendees. You can directly invite attendees by entering their names in the provided text box; as you type the users name a list of search results will be returned, select the intended user from this list. Invited users will receive a notification informing them about the event invitation. If you would prefer to have an open event where attendees can sign up, click the "Enable open invites (RSVP)". 
  6. Enter a description of the event in the Summary text field, and a more detailed outline in the provided WYSIWYG editor.
  7. Add any attachments to the event by dragging them into the provided Attachments box. You can also click the "Select files from your computer" button to browse your computer for the desired file.
  8. Add any related content to the event. As you type the name of the content a list of search results will be displayed, select the intended user from this list.
  9. If you have the Role, you can configure whether a broadcast message is sent out to selected groups when the event is published.
  10. Add any Labels to the event. Click the Add label button and then select the appropriate labels.
  11. Select whether commenting is enabled on the article.
  12. Configure the archiving policy for the article.
  13. Configure whether the article uses Read Tracking.
  14. Click Publish if you would like to post the article immediately or Save as Draft if you only want to save the current event without publishing it. If the Channel you are posting to has moderation enabled, the Publish button will be replaced with a Send to Moderator button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I include events from my Google or Outlook calendars into a calendar in my digital workplace?

Events from third-party calendar applications can be added to your Igloo calendar by adding the calendar’s email address to the invitation list for the event. For more information, consult the Adding Content via email article.

How does the Time Zone function in events work?

For organizations with people in multiple time zones, events can be scheduled in the time zone of the creator, rather than the digital workplace default.

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