Igloo’s train-the-trainer approach to gives your trainers a powerful, scalable set of resources and skills to encourage full participation across the organization.

Train-the-Trainer can be added on to an existing training course. The purchased course will be delivered and then, with the guidance of an Igloo facilitator, participants will do a “teach back” using Igloo provided course materials and be given coaching and feedback on their delivery.

Package Includes:

  • This includes delivery of the full course package including detailed facilitator guide and PowerPoint deck.
  • Facilitation best practices, tip and tricks.
  • 90 minute teach-back session with an expert Igloo facilitator.
  • Hands-on training and coaching.

Service Pairing:

This service must be paired with the purchase of a Private Training Session.

Target Audience:

  • Digital Workplace Trainer
  • Launch Manager
  • Corporate Communications

Duration: 90 minutes

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With a wide range of resources and tools, Igloo’s Train-the-Trainer Program gives trainers everything they need to get employees up to speed for your digital transformation.


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