Introduction to Workplace Analytics

Introduction to Workplace Analytics

Course Description: 

This instructor led course will introduce you to Google Analytics, Workplace Analytics and the Insights program for your digital workplace. Working with a KPI for our training digital workplace we will analyze the data in Google Analytics, Workplace Analytics and the Insights reports to determine if the KPI has been achieved.  Through this analysis you will see the benefits of each analytic tool available for measuring the success of your digital workplace.    

Learning Objectives:

  • Add Google Analytics to your digital workplace
  • Interpret data from Google Analytics reports
  • Provide access to Workplace Analytics
  • Explain KPIs and how they work for a measuring success strategy
  • Navigate Workplace Analytics dashboards
  • Interpret data from Workplace Analytics to answer KPI goals
  • Describe the reports available in the Insights program
  • Download and open a Power BI template

Targeted Audience

  • Digital Workplace Managers
  • IT Administrators
  • Any other roles with site administration access that are responsible for business analytics or report generation.

Duration: 90 minutes


The following short videos are pre-work for this course:

Training Dates

‹‹››April 2020
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5 6 78●●910 11 
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19 20 2122●●2324 25 
26 27 28●●2930●●  


Prior to taking this course you should have taken the following course:

  1. Digital Workplace Management 101 or Solutions Management 101
  2. Digital Workplace Management 102 or Solutions Management 102

Recommended Next Steps 

After completing this course, we recommend the following training opportunities: 

  1. Content Creator
  2. Introduction to Widget Configuration
Course SummarySKUCost

This semi-private training program enables customers to perform basic analytics on their Igloo Digital Workplace.

The program includes online resources and one live, hands-on, 90-minute session

$100 per seat per session*

*Cost listed is a-la-carte price. All Igloo support packages include a certain number of annually renewing semi-private training session entitlements which can be redeemed for this course.

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