Introduction to Data Feeds

Introduction to Data Feeds

Course Description:

This training session is designed to enable you through facilitator led demonstrations and hands-on activities to work with the data feeds for your digital workplace.  First you will discuss how to identify questions you need answered about your digital workplace. You will then connect to the data feeds for the Igloo University training digital workplace. Once connected you will learn how to filter the data within the data feeds and find information.  All of this information will then be used to create a Power BI report. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Articulate a question that can be answered with analytics
  • Identify the key components required to answer the question
  • Describe the different table types
  • Identify the type of information stored in each table type
  • Identify common tables for finding information
  • Create a filter on a data feed url
  • Use the filter pane in Power BI
  • Filter data in the Data View in Power BI
  • Filter data using date criteria
  • Describe how dates are stored in Igloo
  • Create a report in Power BI Desktop

Targeted Audience:

Digital Workplace Managers
IT Administrators
Any other roles with site administration access that are responsible for business analytics or report generation

Duration: 90 minutes


Prior to taking this course you should have taken the following course:

  1. Digital Workplace Management 101
  2. Digital Workplace Management 102
  3. Introduction to Workplace Analytics
Course SummarySKUCost

This semi-private training program enables customers to understand,  connect and filter the data within their data feeds to evaluate the success of their digital workplace.  

The program includes online resources and one live, hands-on, 90-minute session


*All customers and their employees have access to these sessions which are included at no additional cost as part of Igloo University. By attending this training event, you agree to abide by the policies that govern the Igloo University program.

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