Exploring Solutions

Webinar: Exploring Solutions

Course Description:

The Exploring Solutions webinar showcases Igloo’s Digital Workplace Solutions and illustrates how our Solutions help solve one or more of the following four key business challenges: Corporate communications, collaboration, knowledge management and culture and engagement.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the four key business challenges.
  • Recall the definition of a Solution.
  • Describe how the Newsroom and Governance Solutions foster greater corporate communication.
  • Outline how the Team Room and Boardroom Solutions increase collaboration.
  • Recognize the role that the Onboarding Center and Brand KB Solutions play in strengthening knowledge management.
  • Identify how the Social Center and Recognition Center Solutions promote corporate culture and increase engagement.

Duration: 60 minutes

Course SummarySKUCost

This course will introduce the concept of digital workplace solutions, the 4 key business challenges they solve and some common solutions that Igloo offers which align to these challenges.

$100 per seat*

*Cost listed is a-la-carte price. All Igloo support packages include a certain number of annually renewing webinar training session entitlements which can be redeemed for this course.

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