Content Creator

Content Creator/Publishers

Content Creators/Publishers are your secret weapon when it comes to bringing employees into full engagement with your new digital workplace. Whether they’re writing blogs posts, contributing to forums, or sharing industry news, these front-line users inspire others to get engaged in your digital workplace.

These training videos will provide content creators with the necessary skills to create compelling content in your digital workplace.

Adding Content 

An overview of the various ways to add content and the features available in the content editor.

The Igloo Userbar

Overview of the Userbar, the available features and functions and how they can be used.


Building Blocks of an Igloo

Learn about the relationship between Channels, Widgets, Pages and Spaces, the difference between Pages and Spaces and role that solutions and integrations play in a digital workplace.

Managing Notifications

The ways that your digital workplace might send you email notifications, how to control how many and what type you get.


Creating Blog Articles

Overview of the functions available for creating Blog articles in an Igloo digital workplace.

Folder Channel

How to set up and use Folder channels and Folder widget features.


Wiki Channel

An introduction to what wikis are and where you might use them in your digital workplace.

Forum Channel

An Introduction to the features and functions found in Forum channels.


The Power of Personal Profiles

You’ll be one of the first members of your new digital workplace and it’s important to set a good example. Learn best practices for updating your digital workplace profile, add a photo, search for profile data and the value of having an updated profile.

Adding Content via Email

How to email files into your digital workplace, and what will appear when you do.


Using the Desktop Client

How to use the Igloo Desktop Tool to add, move, update, and delete files.

Editing Inline with the Desktop Client

How to use to the Igloo Desktop Client to edit your documents directly from your digital workplace.


Installing the Desktop Tool

How to install the Igloo Desktop Tool on your PC.

Digital Workplace Solutions Explained

An overview of what a digital workplace solution is, Igloo’s most popular solutions and their value proposition.


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