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End-users adoption of your digital workplace is critical to its success. They will use Igloo to connect with people, processes, and information across the entire organization. 

They’ll need practical know-how to adapt to workflows, access relevant documents, leverage critical integrations and navigate the digital workplace with ease. 

They will also need the knowledge and confidence to contribute to areas open to them, manage their personal profiles, create micro-blogs and otherwise actively participate in the digital workplace.

This Training Program includes:


The Train-the-Trainer Model

Our expert training facilitators ensure your trainers have the confidence, capability and training materials to teach their colleagues how to get the most out of your digital workplace.

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White-Label Training Materials  

Do you want to deliver your own training in-house that is tailored to your digital workplace experience? We can save you time and effort by providing white label versions of our tried and tested training materials that you can use and re-brand to suit your organization’s needs.

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Access to Video Tutorials  

You’ll have access to a growing library of training videos to support you in effectively leveraging your digital workplace solutions

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End-User/Member Training


Session Cost: $1250 

This training program enables Digital Workplace Trainers and other training facilitators to effectively customize, deliver, and evaluate training for digital workplace members using Igloo Software. The program includes online resources and two live, 90-minute sessions with participant teach-backs (onsite or virtual). These comprise over 4 hours of trainer training.

This program can be delivered virtually or onsite for up to 10 participants per session. Travel costs may apply for onsite training.

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Training Agenda

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