Open File Manager Button

Enabling the "Open File Manager" button

You can provide your users with the ability to easily open a file or folder's location in the File Manager by enabling the "Open File Manager" button. When enabled from the Control Panel by an Administrator, the button will appear below file previews, above folder navigation lists, and on the manage archives page. Clicking the button will prompt the user to open the location in the File Manager, and also provides a link to download the File Manager. Users will still need to authenticate with their digital workplace through the File Manager. By enabling this button, you provide your users with easy access to the File Manager's simple and intuitive file browsing interface.

Note: Digital workplaces have this button enabled by default.

What the "Open File Manager" button looks like when enabled

File PreviewsFile Manager - Files

FoldersFile Manager - Folders

Manage ArchivesFile Manager - Archives

How to enable the "Open File Manager" button

The following steps describe how to enable the "Open File Manager" button in your digital workplace.

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  1. Click the Control Panel button(adminpng;v1) to display its options.
  2. Select Global Settings to navigate to your workplace's general settings page.
  3. While on the Global Settings page, Scroll down to the File Manager entry.
  4. Click the box next to the File Manager entry to toggle whether the"Open File Manager" button is enabled (box is checked), or disabled (box unchecked).
  5. To apply this change, scroll to the bottom of the Global Settings page and click the "Save" button.

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