Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics? 

Google Analytics is a third-party tool that can be used to understand how Users are navigating and searching your digital workplace. Google Analytics is available without cost but does require a Google Account. 

Setting up Google Analytics 

Adding Google Analytics to your digital workplace involves entering your Google Analytics Universal Account (UA) ID into the Google Analytics page of the Control Panel. 

To find your UA ID: 

  1. Log into Google Analytics. 
  2. Click the ADMIN button found on the left navigation menu. 
  3. Select your account in the Account column. 
  4. Select your domain in the Property column. 
  5. In the Property column select Tracking Info > Tracking Code 
  6. Copy the Tracking ID provided. The Tracking ID takes the form UA-XXXXXX-XX. 

In your digital workplace: 

  1. Click the Control Panel cog found on the far right of the Userbar. 
  2. Select Google Analytics from the Optimization category. 
  3. Enter your UA ID into the provided text box. 
  4. Click Save to complete setup. 

Turning on Google Analytics Search Tracking

Site Search must be enabled to allow for more in-depth reporting on how digital workplace members are using search. 

From within Google Analytics:

  1. Click the ADMIN button found on the left navigation menu. 
  2. Select View Settings from the View column.
  3. Toggle Site Search Tracking on.
  4. Enter the following term in the Query Parameter text box: search.
  5. Click Save to apply this change.

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