Corporate Communications

Role Type

Corporate Communications is an Operational role on a digital workplace team.

Role Summary 

Communications experts develop, coordinate, and oversee all internal corporate communications within the digital workplace. They will also establish policies and guidelines for other roles that may post any form of content to the digital workplace.

Key Tasks/Accountabilities

Active involvement in all communication planning (e.g. pre-launch teaser campaign, initial launch, rolling out a new solution or program, etc.) 

Ensures adherence with communications guidelines for Digital Workplace and Solutions Managers, Content Creators/Publishers and Digital Workplace End-User/Members as well as provide messaging that Champions may use to evangelize the digital workplace. 

Resources from this group may also play a Content Creators/Publishers role for possible Newsroom, Leadership Corner, Social Zone, or other solution implementations that are common within digital workplaces.

Decision Making & Impact

With input from organizational and project leadership, Corporate Communications will own the development of the communications strategy that will support digital workplace launch and promotional messaging and content creation. 

They will create and enforce governance practices that will ensure any roles that are contributing to the digital workplace align to the communications strategy.

Key Relationships

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