Digital Workplace Trainer

Role Type

The Digital Workplace Trainer is a Tactical role on a digital workplace team.

Role Summary

The Digital Workplace Trainer will work closely with Igloo’s Customer Enablement team to create and deliver a training program that will support the deployment, adoption and ongoing evolution of their digital workplace.

Key Tasks/Accountabilities

This role is accountable for training the Content Creators/Publishers, End-User/Members and Digital Workplace Champions throughout their organization. Leveraging a deployed Igloo Training Solution or working with a Digital Workplace Builder and Design & UX Specialists to create one, they will support content creation and basic configuration within the training solution. 

The Digital Workplace Trainer will customize white-label resources and materials provided by the Igloo Customer Enablement team by applying their corporate branding and tone as well as adding screenshots and modifying the content provided to fit their digital workplace implementation.

During the launch of the digital workplace they will deliver onboarding and post-launch train new employees or other new members that join the digital workplace. They will provide formal training and/or informal coaching to Digital Workplace Champions, Content Creators/Publishers and End-User/Members. They will actively monitor and help moderate internal forums for employee questions, trends and training opportunities.

Decision Making & Impact

This role will be responsible for conducting an analysis to determine the specific training needs of their organization. With input from the Program Manager, Launch Manager, Digital Workplace Manager and Solution Manager, the Digital Workplace Trainer will plan, schedule and assign and deliver role based training to the appropriate employee roles and groups. 

With ongoing support from the Digital Workplace Manager and Builder, the Digital Workplace Trainer will assume the Solution Manager role and own the strategy and ongoing development of the training solution in their digital workplace. 

With input from the Marketing/Brand Manager, Corporate Communications and Design & UX Specialists, the Digital Workplace Trainer will own customization of white-label training material.

They will train and help oversee the activities of the Digital Workplace Champions to ensure accuracy and consistency. With support from the Igloo Customer Enablement team they will develop and own an evaluation strategy to gather feedback and measure training effectiveness. 

Key Relationships

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