Getting Started

What is the playbook?

Many organizations struggle with how to rewire their workplace in light of a failed intranet, and many are just beginning to think about the whole concept of the digital workplace and how it might apply to their organization. If you’re overwhelmed and unsure about how or where to start your digital workplace strategy, you’re not alone. Companies of all sizes in almost all industries today are trying to chart this path. That’s why we’ve created the digital workplace playbook. It covers everything you need to know about digital transformation, from the big-picture issues driving change in the workplace to the nuts-and-bolts of how to create a compelling digital workplace solution that your employees will love.

Why did we create the playbook?

We created the playbook for one simple reason - to help our customers create successful digital workplaces. There is no manual, user guide or accreditation programs to help our customers as they embark on this digital transformation journey.

We felt it was our corporate responsibility to take this challenge on with partnership with our customers and strategic partners. Take a moment to listen to Mike Hicks, VP of Marketing at Igloo as he shares his passion for the digital workplace and the importance of the this vital resource.

Your digital journey

When planning your digital workplace solution, think of it as an ongoing journey with many steps, checkpoints and iterations. Below is a typical journey map used by digital workplace consultants to guide your strategy, planning, implementation and growth of your solution. 


Create your plan

It may be tempting to rush into a large-scale digital workplace initiative in an effort to “catch up” and start reaping the benefits, but it’s easy to take a wrong turn on the path to digital transformation. Each wrong turn costs you time, money and productivity. Instead, do your research and create a plan. Talk to experts – people inside and outside your company who have been involved in creating successful digital workplace solutions. Pick their brains and find out what worked and what didn't. Gathering lessons learned and incorporating them into your digital workplace strategy is a great way to ensure a higher probability for success.

In the playbook, we’ve tried to do a lot of the heavy lifting by compiling the latest research and distilling experience from the field.  We’ll be updating it regularly with new information, best practices, resources and tips. 

So we strongly recommend that you:

  • Bookmark key pages that are relevant to you
  • Subscribe to areas of interest
  • Ask questions of experts and your peers
  • Give feedback

Playbook Tip

The most successful digital workplace solutions always start with a strategic plan. Building a digital workplace that’s going to deliver business value — both in the short and long term for your organization requires some initial groundwork. 

Key Resources


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