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The Social Center brings people together and fosters a sense of belonging. It's a central place to see upcoming social events, find clubs, chat with colleagues, and more. If you need a good mechanic, are looking for a good place to eat near the office, have a puppy for adoption, or are looking to buy a new camera, the Social Center has a place to post classifieds. 

Solution Overview

Business challenges 

  • Culture and Engagement (Primary) 
  • Communications (Secondary) 

Owners and audiences 

  • Human Resources (Owners) 
  • All employees (Audience) 

Business value 

Having a dedicated space in your digital workplace for social engagement, corporate events, and clubs shows a commitment to your culture and your people that they'll appreciate. In turn, this area promotes the kinds of social behavior that the company is happy to endorse. Promote social clubs and communities where employees can post information for people with like-minded interests. Whether it's fitness, photography, travel, or foodies, every club can manage its own content and membership to maximize engagement. 

Employees are most productive when they feel engaged at work. Along with feeling like your work is contributing to the company's success, this means having friends at work, being valued as an individual, and having a sense of belonging amongst your peers. The Social Center fosters the human connections necessary to accomplish this. 

Key features

  • Events Calendar
  • Social Clubs
  • Classifieds

Business Outcomes

Measuring success

The Social Center is designed to solve business challenges related to culture and employee engagement. Ensure your Social Center Solution delivers the results you need by measuring its success using key performance indicators (KPIs). These outcomes should focus on addressing challenges related to generating a strong, positive corporate culture and active employee engagement.

Key outcomes

Measuring against KPIs specific to the Social Center allows you to determine: 

  • What areas are successful at fostering a strong corporate culture and employee engagement? 
  • What areas need improvements to drive more engagement?
  • What additional goals and objectives are needed to support the adoption of corporate culture?
  • What people-focused goals and objectives will foster a positive working environment for all employees? 
  • What information-focused goals will deliver the type of content employees expect within a social setting?
  • What process-focused goals will provide employees with the tools they need to engage with each other through social outlets, including clubs and events?

Key goals and objectives 

Some key goals and objectives to keep in mind when determining KPIs for your Social Center include: 

  • Promoting social clubs and communities 
  • Promoting a healthy culture 
  • Fostering employee engagement 

Business processes

You should incorporate your Social Center Solution into your existing internal business processes. Think about what processes, policies or procedures might have to change or be updated.

  • Do SOPs need to be updated? (e.g. requesting/implementing social clubs and programs)
  • Are there processes that need to change? (e.g. posting and sharing of social information, advertising items employees are selling/looking to purchase)

Key areas 

Some key areas to pay close attention to when measuring the success of your Social Center include: 

  • Events
  • Social Clubs 
  • Classifieds 

Recommended KPIs

Below are some recommended KPIs for measuring the success of your Social Center Solution. Keep in mind that some of these recommended KPIs will align with your organization's goals and objectives, while others may not. It's critical to align KPIs with your unique goals and objectives to accurately measure success. 

  • X% increase in the number of Microblog Articles posted to the Social Wall
  • X number of posts per month/quarter from the Social Committee
  • X% increase in page traffic coming from email subscriptions
  • X% decrease in the number of mass emails sent/received with non-corporate (social) topics or information 
  • X% increase in the number of Views of posts in Classified forums
  • Average of X% attendance at social events communicated through the Social Zone
  • X number of active social clubs with at least X members 
  • X number of Microblog Articles posted per month by members of the executive/leadership team
  • X% increase in the number of Followers of the Classifieds and Discussions sections
  • Minimum of X number of Microblog Articles posted to Social Wall about annual events

Note: KPIs are generally time-based and should be evaluated and/or modified on a specific cadence (e.g. quarterly).

Solution Roadmap


The Social Center Solution comes with a pre-configured template. Our Consultants and Configuration Specialists use this template as the baseline for your implementation. The focus of the implementation is on design, configuration, content, and training.

These are the major implementation initiatives for the Social Center Solution:

  • Information architecture: Review the Solution architecture. 
  • Homepage: Surface the most important content and areas within the Solution on the homepage to provide an at-a-glance view and easy access to relevant content. 
  • Site mapUpdate the site map based on mutually agreed to modifications (e.g. moving, deleting, adding pages and/or applications).
  • Configuration: Update the Solution configuration settings.
  • Users & GroupsAdd groups and users to the Solution. 
  • Content: Add content (e.g. social posts, classifieds, welcome message) from previous board meetings to the solution. This may include uploading previous board decks, resolutions, meeting notes in the appropriate area of the solution. At this stage, the appropriate permissions will need to be applied to each area.
  • DesignApply the visual design to the Solution (e.g. global CSS changes, header, footer, banners, icons).
  • Testing: Do a quality assurance sweep of the Solution (e.g. broken links, navigation, permissions).
  • Training: Train key stakeholders on the Solution (e.g. HR Team, Social Committee). 

Drive engagement and adoption

To get the most out of your Social Center Solution, think about how to launch with an impact, how you'll encourage employees to use it, and how you might evolve the solution over time. Use the following recommended tactics to keep your Social Center fresh, engaging, and relevant to users.  


  • Post a welcome message: Populate your Social Chat Microblog with a welcome message.
  • Generate excitement: Spend some time communicating what the Social Center is, how people can use it, and all the fun features it includes. Show a screenshot of the area or post a quick how-to.
  • Recruit champions: You know those people who drove your social events before the digital workplace or the ones who now champion your digital workplace? Reach out and ask them to post and interact within your Social Center. 
  • Use engaging content: Leverage CTAs to encourage people to comment and interact with content. Use graphics to create visual hierarchy and lead users to specific content first.
  • Subscribe members: Start with some instant subscriptions on a couple of key Channels, like Forums. Don’t bombard your users initially, or they'll be likely to unfollow.


  • Skip moderation: Trust your employees to be responsible in the Social Center. Launch your Social Center with no moderation on Channels, so content can be published in rea-time. 
  • Include in onboarding: Introduce all new employees to your Social Center as part of their onboarding to engage them early.


The Solution should be managed by the HR team or Social Committee. 

  • Create a committee: Set up a cross-functional Social Committee (e.g. promotes buy-in across the company at all levels).
  • Allocate budget: Apply a budget for social programs to ensure there are resources for engaging programs. 
  • Ask employees: Set up a mechanism for employee feedback to help determine the key programs in your Social Center that you want to offer your employees, such as:  
    • Classified Ads 
    • Directory Listings (e.g. restaurants, clubs, fitness center, etc.) 
    • Clubs (e.g. hobbies and interests)
    • Chatter (e.g. microblog channels for social engagement)
  • Provide guidelines: Set up policies and procedures for appropriate content. 
  • Set rules: Set up rules of engagement. 
  • Plan for improvement: Set up a feedback loop for improvements and new social programs.
  • Use a calendar: Set up an event calendar for social events.  
  • Leverage social butterflies: Recruit advocates to promote social programs.


  • Add new areas: Add new areas like "Daily Jokes" or "Recipes" at any time. Just create your new Channel and Page with Widgets to display the information. You'll have niche ideas within your organization that can seamlessly fit into the Social Centre. 
  • Survey users: Introduce quarterly/annual surveys or polls to gather feedback about how employees feel about the social activities hosted by your organization. This not only keeps employees engaged, but helps to improve culture moving forward. 
  • Leverage feedback: Review and incorporate feedback from frequent users of the Solution to include updates and changes that have an impact. 
  • Reassess metrics: Review objectives and KPIs to refine them and continue to mature and maximize the business value of the Solution.

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