Recognition Center

Recognition Center Solution

The Recognition Center enables organizations to manage all aspects of an employee recognition program including the ability to recognize, socialize, and reward employees whose extraordinary efforts contribute to a sustainable high-performance culture.

Solution Overview

Business challenges 

  • Culture and Engagement (Primary)
  • Communications (Secondary)

Owners and audiences 

  • Human Resources (Owners)
  • Managers (Owners/Audience)
  • All employees (Audience)

Business value

Recognition is a key driver of an engaged workforce, and HR organizations are looking to improve Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to retain highly skilled talent. The Recognition Center provides employees and leaders with a platform to showcase individuals who go above and beyond, fostering a positive corporate culture and keeping employees engaged. 

An effective recognition program promotes the right behaviors that are focused on specific, measurable business objectives. The Recognition Center gives organizations the ability to communicate those objectives clearly and effectively, ensuring employees understand expectations and what it means to go above and beyond those expectations. 

The Recognition Center also allows employers to create a central location to foster positive corporate culture and communicate their appreciation for the employees that make their business a success. This helps to foster a recognition program that's genuine and communicated across the organization in a transparent way to create a better work atmosphere where employees are happier. 

Key features

  • Core Values
  • Kudos Corner
  • Nominations
  • Announcements
  • Integrations with employee recognition solutions

Business Outcomes

Measuring success

The Recognition Center is designed to solve business challenges related to culture and engagement. Ensure your Recognition Center Solution delivers the results you need by measuring its success using key performance indicators (KPIs). These outcomes should focus on addressing challenges related to fostering a positive corporate culture and driving employee engagement within your organization.

Key outcomes

Measuring against KPIs specific to the Recognition Center allows you to determine: 

  • What areas are successful at improving corporate culture and driving employee engagement? 
  • What areas need improvements to support your corporate culture, resulting in a more engaged workforce? 
  • What additional goals and objectives are needed to continue to drive employee engagement?
  • What people-focused goals and objectives have helped engage employees on a regular basis?
  • What information-focused goals have successfully communicated the organization's corporate values?
  • What process-focused goals will enable employees to take part in engagement programs that promote the organization's corporate culture and values?

Key goals and objectives 

Some key goals and objectives to keep in mind when determining KPIs for your Recognition Center include: 

  • Increasing employee engagement 
  • Aligning with business objectives 
  • Sustaining a healthy high-performance corporate culture

Business processes

You should incorporate your Recognition Center Solution into your existing internal business processes. Think about what processes, policies or procedures might have to change or be updated.

  • Do SOPs need to be updated? (e.g. providing and documenting employee recognition, execution of employee recognition programs)
  • Are there processes that need to change? (e.g. submitting employees for recognition, assessing employee performance in alignment with recognition programs)

Key areas 

Some key areas to pay close attention to when measuring the success of your Recognition Center include: 

  • Our Values 
  • Kudos Corner
  • Nominations
  • Announcements

Recommended KPIs

Below are some recommended KPIs for measuring the success of your Recognition Center Solution. Keep in mind that some of these recommended KPIs will align with your organization's goals and objectives, while others may not. It is critical to align KPIs with your unique goals and objectives to accurately measure success. 

  • X% increase in the number of Views of Articles posted to the Announcements Microblog Channel 
  • X% increase in the number of Microblog Articles posted to the Announcements Microblog Channel
  • X% increase in page traffic coming from email subscriptions
  • X% increase in the number of Kudos posted to Kudos Corner 
  • X% increase in the average number of Likes of posts in Kudos Corner
  • X% increase in the number of Contributions (Likes, Comments, Ratings) to posts in the Announcements Microblog Channel 

Note: KPIs are generally time-based and should be evaluated and/or modified on a specific cadence (e.g. quarterly).

Solution Roadmap


The Recognition Center Solution comes with a pre-configured template. Our Consultants and Configuration Specialists use this template as the baseline for your implementation. The focus of the implementation is on design, configuration, content, and training.

These are the major implementation initiatives for the Recognition Center Solution:

  • Information architecture: Review the Solution architecture. 
  • Homepage: Surface the most important content and areas within the Solution on the homepage to provide an at-a-glance view and easy access to relevant content. 
  • Site mapUpdate the site map based on mutually agreed to modifications (e.g. moving, deleting, adding pages and/or applications).
  • Configuration: Update the Solution configuration settings.
  • Users & GroupsAdd groups and users to the Solution. 
  • Content: Add content (e.g. core values, kudos, announcements) and apply permissions.
  • DesignApply the visual design to the Solution (e.g. global CSS changes, header, footer, banners, icons).
  • Testing: Do a quality assurance sweep of the Solution (e.g. broken links, navigation, permissions).
  • Training: Train key stakeholders on the Solution (e.g. Human Resources).
  • Integration: Consider integrating with other employee recognition solutions, such as and Achievers.

Drive engagement and adoption

A successful launch will ensure you get the Recognition Center off to a good start, driving adoption and engagement. To get the most out of your Newsroom it's also important to evolve, keeping it fresh and relevant for users. Use the tactics below to prepare a successful launch, drive engagement, and consider unique ways to expand the Recognition Center as your digital workplace evolves.


  • Market it: Create a marketing plan to drop hints through your main organizational Blog or Microblog about your new Recognition Center. Create a few teaser posts and even include a screenshot in advance to build hype around the launch.
  • Post first: Post a few kudos prior to launching your solution so users don't have to worry about being the first to post. 
  • Link to it: You've determined this is an important aspect of your digital workplace because of its influence on your culture and employee engagement. Now make sure employees can get to it. Place links to the Recognition Center in department solutions, your homepage, and your Newsroom.
  • Subscribe members: At launch, start with some instant subscriptions on your Kudos Channel. 


  • Offer anonymous posting: If you're not seeing traction on your open Forum, or you want to expand recognition to a larger quarterly distribution, use a GoogleForms or WuFoo embedded form in your Solution. It doesn't require employees to submit their names when they recognize someone.
  • Feature employees: Create a Blog Channel to post about your quarterly recognized employees, or about those that have gone above and beyond being recognized at a leadership level. 


This Solution should be managed by the HR team. 

  • Align with HR: Align this Solution with internal HR policies and procedures (e.g. performance management, salary/bonuses).
  • Provide guidelines: Create policies and procedures which guide the overall Solution (e.g. submissions, voting, awards, communications).
  • Introduce different levels: Determine different recognition levels to include in your program (e.g. individual, team, corporate). 
  • Determine cadence: Determine the frequency of recognition programs (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually) 
  • Plan for new programs: Determine policies and procedures for submitting/approving new recognition programs. 
  • Plan for retiring programs: Determine policies and procedures for sunsetting existing recognition programs as they become outdated or can be replaced with new programs. 
  • Align with corporate culture: Determine how to align recognition programs with corporate culture (e.g. core values) and include those tactics in your policies, procedures, and other guidelines.  


  • Integrate with other recognition solutions: Integrate with employee recognition solutions like and Achievers to bring employee recognition and rewards together in a single, unified solution.
  • Use enhancements: Use the tabbed Widgets to add your offerings of additional forms, Forum Channels, or Blog Channels for easy interaction horizontally (instead of vertical scrolling).
  • Leverage feedback: Review and incorporate feedback from frequent users of the Solution to include updates and changes that have an impact. 
  • Reassess metrics: Review objectives and KPIs to refine them and continue to mature and maximize the business value of the Solution.

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