Newsroom Solution

The Newsroom aggregates critical news channels such as departmental blogs, external news vendors and social media activity, and surfaces them all in one view. This is a one-stop destination employees can rely on for the most pertinent updates on what's happening inside their organization. 

Solution Overview

Business challenges

  • Communications 

Owners and audiences 

  • Corporate Communications (Owners) 
  • Human Resources (Owners) 
  • Department leads (Owners) 
  • All employees (Audience)

Business value

Purposefully designed to mimic the homepage of popular news websites, the Newsroom Solution is the ideal place to distribute company updates and executive thought leadership. It curates all important information in a format that users are familiar with, making it easy and enjoyable to navigate and consume content. 

With a user-friendly HTML editor, it's easy to author great news stories, while streamlining moderation and approval workflows. A robust set of publishing tools includes the capability to publish as other people for ghostwritten content, add co-authors, "@" mention people directly in the content, schedule future publishing and push broadcast messages to specific members or groups. 

Adding a Newsroom Solution to your digital workplace also reinforces your commitment to frequent and transparent communication with employees and across departments and lays the foundation for recording company decision-making, major initiatives, and outcomes. This curated wisdom will benefit future generations of employees and leaders in your organization. 

Key features

  • Newsroom Homepage
  • High-priority updates and highlights
  • Social Feeds

Business Outcomes

Measuring success

The Newsroom is designed to solve business challenges related to communications. Ensure your Newsroom Solution delivers the results you need by measuring its success using key performance indicators (KPIs). These outcomes should focus on addressing communication challenges within your organization.

Key outcomes

Measuring against KPIs specific to the Newsroom allows you to determine: 

  • What areas are successful at improving corporate communications? 
  • What areas need improvements to support better communication? 
  • What additional goals and objectives are needed to continue success or increase the rate of success?
  • What people-focused goals and objectives have helped changed employee behavior, communication processes, and quality of communication?
  • What information-focused goals will communicate the effectiveness of your communication programs and learning requirements?
  • What process-focused goals will provide key business insights into improving or innovating activities tied to growth, productivity, and creating a competitive advantage?

Key goals and objectives 

Some key goals and objectives to keep in mind when determining KPIs for your Newsroom include: 

  • Keeping employees informed and aligned 
  • Simplifying content creation and distribution
  • Promoting a culture of transparency

Business processes

You should incorporate your Newsroom Solution into your existing internal business processes. Think about what processes, policies or procedures might have to change or be updated.

  • Do SOPs need to be updated? (e.g. broadcasting corporate news and updates)
  • Are there processes that need to change? (e.g. content creation, moderation of content, archiving/deleting news articles)

Key areas 

Some key areas to pay close attention to when measuring the success of your Newsroom include: 

  • Newsroom Homepage
  • The Highlights area
  • Social Feeds

Recommended KPIs

Below are some recommended KPIs for measuring the success of your Newsroom Solution. Keep in mind that some of these recommended KPIs will align with your organization's goals and objectives, while others may not. It's critical to align KPIs with your unique goals and objectives to accurately measure success. 

  • X% increase in the number of Followers of Channels pulled into the Newsroom (Recommended Channels to Follow)
  • X% increase in the number of Views of articles featured on the Newsroom homepage
  • X% decrease in the number of email requests for information already included in Departmental News Channel articles
  • X% increase in page traffic coming from email subscriptions
  • X% decrease in the number of email requests for information related to corporate news and updates
  • X% increase in the number of Microblog Articles authored by Management/Executives surfaced through the Newsroom solution
  • X% increase in the number of comments from Management/Executives on items features in the Newsroom
  • X% of departmental "news channels" represented on the Newsroom Homepage (100% if a desire to have ALL departments represented in the Newsroom)
  • Minimum of one Blog Article per month posted in the CEO Blog (depending on executive-level goals, increase the number of CEO Blog posts to one every two weeks, one per week, etc.)

Note: KPIs are generally time-based and should be evaluated and/or modified on a specific cadence (e.g. quarterly).

Solution Roadmap


The Newsroom Solution comes with a pre-configured template. Our Consultants and Configuration Specialists use this template as the baseline for your implementation. The focus of the implementation is on design, configuration, content, and training.

These are the major implementation initiatives for the Newsroom Solution:

  • Information architecture: Review the Solution architecture.
  • Homepage: Surface the most important news articles and/or channels within the Solution on the homepage to provide an at-a-glance view and easy access to relevant content. 
  • Site mapUpdate the site map based on mutually agreed to modifications (e.g. moving, deleting, adding pages and/or applications).
  • Configuration: Update the Solution configuration settings.
  • Users & GroupsAdd groups and users to the Solution.
  • Content: Add content (e.g. CEO blog articles, company updates, feature news, highlights) and apply permissions.
  • DesignApply the visual design to the Solution (e.g. global CSS changes, header, footer, banners, icons).
  • Testing: Do a quality assurance sweep of the Solution (e.g. broken links, navigation, permissions).
  • Training: Train key stakeholders on the Solution (e.g. Corporate Communications, Human Resources, departmental leaders).

Drive engagement and adoption

Igloo Solution Consultants help get you started on the right foot when it comes to implementing your Newsroom. Launching your Newsroom is the next step towards success, ensuring you drive adoption and engagement. To get the most out of your Newsroom it's also important to evolve the solution, keeping it fresh, relevant, and helpful for users. The tactics below will help you launch, maintain, and grow a successful Newsroom. 


  • Provide context: Populate Channels with content prior to launch so users can see your Newsroom in context.
  • Get the conversation started: If your goal is to have users comment and take part in the posted news, seek out a few champions to start things off. Ensure the posts are short and conversational.  
  • Call on all users: Leverage your Quick Links or CTAs to encourage people to comment and interact with content. Point them to areas where they can post.


  • Subscribe users: At launch, start with some instant subscriptions on a couple of key Channels. Don’t bombard your users initially because they'll be more likely to unfollow.
  • Don’t overuse subscriptions: Allow employees to self-select to follow content they're interested in.
  • Create a content calendar: Create a regular posting schedule for content within your Newsroom to keep things fresh. Don’t hesitate to establish some posting guidelines so you have a consistent style throughout.


This Solution should be managed by Corporate Communications and/or the HR team. 

  • Use departmental channels: Set up news channels for each department to broadcast updates to all employees.   
  • Ensure wide-spread updates: Set subscriptions (e.g. daily subscriptions are recommended) to ensure all employees are receiving corporate news updates. 
  • Ensure consistent, engaging content: Set guidelines for all published articles (e.g. format, length, content, frequency). 
  • Engage employees: Encourage feedback from employees by opening up commenting, rating, and likes on articles. 
  • Measure success: Review analytics to determine which channels/authors receive the highest engagement levels to determine what's working and what's not. 
  • Manage growth: Create policies for managing this Solution moving forward (e.g. adding new channels, giving access to new authors, defining appropriate/inappropriate content, etc.).


  • Add new themes: When you're ready to add new Channels based on Line of Business, Department, or Group, add them under the Newsroom Space so it will populate into the Channels Widget.
  • Evolve your news: If you're looking to expand your Newsroom to more defined streams such as corporate updates and department news, add tabs to the homepage to display these two categories using the HTML Widget.
  • Add thought leadership: Expand your Newsroom to include thought leadership articles from within your company.
  • Leverage feedback: Review and incorporate feedback from frequent users of the Solution to include updates and changes that have an impact. 
  • Reassess metrics: Review objectives and KPIs to refine them and continue to mature and maximize the business value of the Solution.

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