Brand KB

Brand Knowledge Base Solution

The Brand Knowledge Base (KB) centralizes everything it takes to build a consistent brand image, while increasing productivity through self-service, and minimizing the number of inquiries the brand team needs to field. The Brand KB is where employees can find creative assets, review guidelines, identify brand experts, submit materials for brand approval, and subscribe to brand updates and news.

Solution Overview

Business challenges

  • Knowledge Management (Primary)
  • Communications (Secondary)

Owners and audiences 

  • Marketing (Owners)
  • Customer-facing employees (Audience)
  • All employees (Audience)

Business value 

The Brand KB Solution keeps people aligned and informed on branding and identity by leveraging the Brand Updates Forum to publish stories about your brand. Subscribe the brand and marketing teams to ensure they're always in the know when brand changes are implemented. Is there a new font? An updated color palette? Need to pull an unlicensed photograph from all marketing materials globally? Post it in the blog and know that everyone's alerted. Plus, give them confidence that the Brand KB will always be their single source of truth for the latest guidelines, assets, and brand-related news. 

Centralize brand knowledge, assets, expertise, and approval workflows so there's never any doubt where members of your organization should go for brand-related matters. Using self-service information and materials, aligning all employees with corporate brand standards is faster and easier for everyone.  

The Brand KB Solution also improves the productivity of your brand and marketing teams by aligning everyone within the organization with your brand identity and providing self-service through the Brand KB. This reduces the number of inquiries your brand and marketing teams will need to field. Eliminate those countless, long email threads where people are looking for logos and fonts, or the questions about who should approve a certain piece of content. 

Key features

  • News
  • Wiki collection (brand guidelines)
  • File (asset) storage
  • File display
  • Approval workflows
  • Member directory (brand experts)
  • Forums
  • Area-specific administration
  • Search



Business Outcomes

Measuring success

The Brand KB is designed to solve business challenges related to knowledge management. Ensure your  Brand KB Solution delivers the results you need by measuring its success using key performance indicators (KPIs). These outcomes should focus on addressing knowledge management of your brand assets, collateral, and guidelines.

Key outcomes

Measuring against KPIs specific to the Brand KB allows you to determine: 

  • What areas are successful at organizing, displaying, and providing access to brand assets, collateral, and guidelines? 
  • What areas need improvements to better support the sharing of brand knowledge? 
  • What additional goals and objectives are needed to enable brand experts as they guide proper representation of the organization's brand?
  • What people-focused goals and objectives have helped brand experts provide support to other employees as they use brand assets and collateral? 
  • What information-focused goals will improve the organizing, storing, and sharing of brand-related information and materials?
  • What process-focused goals will help brand experts expedite brand approvals and respond to brand-related questions? 

Key goals and objectives 

Some key goals and objectives to keep in mind when determining KPIs for your Brand KB include: 

  • Keeping people aligned and informed
  • Fostering a self-service culture
  • Improving productivity 

Business processes

You should incorporate your Brand KB Solution into your existing internal business processes. Think about what processes, policies or procedures might have to change or be updated.

  • Do SOPs need to be updated? (e.g. requesting new brand collateral, updating existing collateral)
  • Are there processes that need to change? (e.g. how to work through brand updates and refreshes or changes)

Key areas 

Some key areas to pay close attention to when measuring the success of your Brand KB include: 

  • Brand KB homepage 
  • Brand Guidelines 
  • Photo Library 
  • Brand Requests 

Recommended KPIs

Below are some recommended KPIs for measuring the success of your Brand KB Solution. Keep in mind that some of these recommended KPIs will align with your organization's goals and objectives, while others may not. It's critical to align KPIs with your unique goals and objectives to accurately measure success. 

  • X% decrease in the number of inquiries sent to Marketing related to brand identity and values
  • X% decrease in the number of inquiries related to locating brand documents (style guide, creative assets)
  • X% increase in the number of views of posts in the Brand Updates Blog Channel 
  • X% decrease in the number of emails sent to Marketing team members regarding brand identity or locating brand materials
  • X% decrease in the number of emails sent to Marketing team members regarding brand identity or locating brand materials
  • X% decrease in the number of outdated Brand Assets available company-wide (version control)
  • X% increase in the number of Blog Articles posted in the Brand Updates Blog Channel
  • X% decrease in the number of instances of inconsistent brand messaging
  • X% increase in the number of document downloads from the Assets Library
  • Average time of X to X minutes spent on Brand Guidelines page (are employees actually reading or using the guide?)
  • X% increase in the number of Contributions (Likes, Comments, Ratings) to posts in the Brand Updates Blog Channel
  • X% increase in the number of views of posts in Brand Update Channel
  • X% increase in downloads of "new" or "updated" assets pushed out via Brand Update Channel
  • X% increase in the number of views of Folders/Files in the Asset Library
  • X% increase in the number of Forum topics posted in Brand Approvals
  • X% decrease in the number of times outdated templates or creative assets are used (e.g. PPT templates, letterhead, logos, etc.)
  • X% increase in the number of submissions sent to  Brand Owner(s) via the Brand Questions Forum (instead of email or other communication channels)
  • X% decrease in time spent maintaining and updating brand documents and creative assets
  • X% decrease in the time spent approving brand documents

Note: KPIs are generally time-based and should be evaluated and/or modified on a specific cadence (e.g. quarterly). 

Solution Roadmap


The Brand KB Solution comes with a pre-configured template. Our Consultants and Configuration Specialists use this template as the baseline for your implementation. The focus of the implementation is on design, configuration, content, and training.

These are the major implementation initiatives for the Brand KB Solution:

  • Information architecture: Review the Solution architecture.
  • Homepage: Surface the most important content and areas within the Solution on the homepage to provide an at-a-glance view and easy access to relevant content.  
  • Site mapUpdate the site map based on mutually agreed to modifications (e.g. moving, deleting, adding pages and/or applications).
  • Configuration: Update the Solution configuration settings.
  • Users & GroupsAdd groups and users to the Solution.
  • Content: Add content (e.g. guidelines, assets, collateral, instructions) and apply permissions.
  • DesignApply the visual design to the Solution (e.g. global CSS changes, header, footer, banners, icons).
  • Testing: Do a quality assurance sweep of the Solution (e.g. broken links, navigation, permissions).
  • Training: Train key stakeholders on the Solution (e.g. Marketing, Corporate Communications) through engaging, easy-to-consume content. 

Drive engagement and adoption  

Once you've determined the architecture and the content that will live in your new Brand KB, it's time to get ready to launch, engage, and evolve. Use the recommended tactics below to successfully launch your Brand KB, maximize adoption, drive engagement, and expand the Solution for long-term success.


  • Develop a communication strategy:  Determine your plan for subscriptions taking into account roles, frequency, and content type to ensure the right information gets to the right people at the right time. 
  • Introduce your experts: You'll be listing your Brand Experts in your Member Widget on the landing page so make sure that their profiles are complete, including their skills and expertise. 
  • Create a content plan: Define Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and communicate ownership of Brand KB areas, types of collateral, etc., then create a maintenance schedule and content plan that's updated by the assigned plan owner.


  • Broadcast assets: On a regular schedule, share various assets through the broadcast feature to remind users where they are and what they have access to. This is especially helpful if you've recently completed a brand refresh.
  • Educate your audience: Create a quick intro video to showcase what the Brand KB is and how you should use it. 
  • Digitize your brand guidelines: Include interactive elements within your brand guidelines to make it easier for your employees to access assets while they are consuming the related instructions (e.g Include a "Download Logo" option directly in line with the preview of it). 
  • Drive change: As you're introducing your Brand KB, ensure your brand team directs any employees that are still emailing for content to the Brand KB instead. It has all the features they need and enables them to make additional requests. This also ensures adoption of the Solution. 
  • Follow your content plan: Ensure your content is fresh, relevant, and accurate through regular maintenance and the addition of new content as needed.  Following your content plan is crucial for a robust KB.


This Solution should be managed by the team who owns your corporate brand (i.e. Marketing, Corporate Communications).

  • Align with your brand: Align the Solution with your corporate branding guidelines. 
  • Keep content/assets up-to-date: Content in the Brand KB should be updated according to the updating schedule of your branding guidelines.
  • Review regularly: Perform quarterly reviews of Brand KB content, guidelines, and assets to ensure the right materials are being used and to keep content relevant so employees know they are always using the latest versions.


  • Address gaps: As brand guidelines get updated, your experts should address content gaps based on feedback from users.  
  • Extend past the brand: Incorporate pre-approved content (such as a photo gallery) for users to create their own assets that are still on brand (e.g. PowerPoint presentations). 
  • Enable brand workflows: Enable workflows to facilitate brand-related requests, such as business cards. Include the various requirements in a Forum Channel template and provide examples of what's possible. 
  • Leverage feedback: Review and incorporate feedback from frequent users of the Solution to include updates and changes that have an impact. 
  • Reassess metrics: Review objectives and KPIs to refine them and continue to mature and maximize the business value of the Solution.

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