The Benefits

What are the benefits of an Onboarding Center?

Centralize the most important content for new employees in one spot, making it easy for them to stay in the know, build relationships, and get a successful start in your organization.


Screen%20Shot%202017-07-21%20at%208.10.06%20AM.pngFaster Onboarding
Reducing the time to get new hires up to speed allows the business to take advantage of quicker time-to-productivity.

Earlier Engagement
Getting employees engaged as early as possible empowers them to adopt your preferred tools and connect to critical social networks that are needed to sustain engagement for the long term.

Open lines of communication
Giving new hires a platform for open communication allows them to quickly ask questions, get answers, and remove roadblocks on their way to being effective employees.

Establish Culture
Onboarding employees through a single source allows new hires to interact, participate, and share in your corporate culture.

Creating Connections
Every new hire can create connections with people outside their role or department through the New Hire room.

The Onboarding Center offers a way to manage your onboarding program, from welcoming new hires to essential on-the-job training and frequently asked questions.

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