The Benefits

What are the benefits of a Governance Center?

The Governance Center Solution gives employees easy access to governance-related information, while helping your planning team create, maintain, and update compliance-related documentation. It's a two-in-one solution. 


Screen%20Shot%202017-07-21%20at%208.10.06%20AM.pngInformed employees
Employees need easy access to policies, procedures, and documentation to protect themselves and the company. The Governance Center Solution allows you to store, disseminate, and manage important information to eliminate any confusion and ensure everyone is accountable.

Improved risk management and mitigation
Having a single source of truth for all processes enables employees to play a role in managing and mitigating risk. This solution provides one-click access to messaging and procedures, enabling your people to react to situations quickly, effectively, and according to the approved procedures.

Audit controls and efficiencies
With moderation controls, notifications, and task reminders, you can control how and when policies are published and updated. This ensures that employees are notified of changes and acknowledge business-critical information. 

Regulatory compliance
Your company is regulated by laws and guidelines. The Governance Center Solution provides tools to help track compliance, maintain accuracy of information over time, notify employees of any changes, and empower the governance team to constantly develop and protect the company’s standards.

The Governance Center brings together business-critical information for employees by providing a dedicated space for policies, procedures, and documentation. It creates a single point of truth for operations.

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