The Benefits

What are the benefits of an Employee Handbook?

It’s the go-to resource that provides all the information your employees need to know about their workplace. 


Optimize the Content Experience 
By surfacing Wiki content in a chapter-like format, the handbook instantly provides an improved path for consuming content. Instead of the native wiki experience, where articles are presented alphabetically, content can now be arranged, ordered, and presented in a way that optimizes the user experience.

Maintain a Single Source of Truth  
Using the Igloo Wiki article widget, administrators can surface the content of any wiki article in any space or page they choose. So you control the content and maintain a single source of truth. Any time you update the original article, all occurrences will update.

Leverage Compliance and Read-Tracking 
Using the Igloo Wiki as your source of content allows every article to have an “acknowledge” button requesting that users acknowledge they've read and agreed to the terms outlined in the article. This is especially useful for pages that contain policies, waivers, and registrations. Wiki articles also have version histories and tracked changes, and users can subscribe to articles to be notified of changes or comments.

The Employee Handbook offers powerful Wiki functionality in a streamlined, visually appealing, chapter-like experience. It aligns with your brand while helping to assimilate employees to your vision and values in scalable, trackable way.

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