Digital Destinations

Evolving solutions and creating digital destinations

Your solution roadmap guides the evolution of your digital workplace solutions. Digital destinations become critical to employee engagement and adoption, providing your users with right combination of solutions that meet their needs. These destinations will bring your solution strategy and digital transformation to the next level.

What are digital destinations?

Our experts have created a framework called "digital destinations" which represent a collection of solutions based on a common set of clear and concise business criteria such as specific use cases, business challenges, audiences, and corporate governance. Digital destinations are a great way to reduce the complexity of your digital workplace as you add more solutions. 

How can they be organized?

They can be organized around specific roles, themes, or business challenges, making it easier for users to find where they need to go to complete a task or find specific information. At Igloo, we've implemented a "digital destination framework" within our own digital workplace, Inside the Igloo (ITI). 

Our framework includes 4 key destinations:


Knowledge Bases (KBs)



Zones bring together solutions which are focused on a specific theme. In ITI, we have six zones:

  • Customer Zone
  • Deal Zone
  • HR Zone
  • Leadership Zone
  • News Zone
  • Request Zone

KBs bring together all of our knowledge-based solutions, such as collateral libraries, directories, and information cards, in one central area. In ITI, we have seven KBs:

  • Competition KB
  • Customer KB
  • Marketing KB
  • Partner KB
  • Pricing KB
  • Product KB
  • Security KB

Rooms combine solutions focused on team, group or project collaboration, such as calendars, file repositories, and microblog Channels. In ITI, we have six types of collaboration rooms:

  • Boardroom
  • Communities of Practice (COP)
  • Corporate Programs
  • Deal Rooms
  • Department Rooms
  • Project Rooms

Centers combine solutions focused on specific cross-functional use cases including:

  • Governance Center
  • Help Desk
  • Talent Center

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