Culture & Engagement

Culture and Engagement

Your people are your company’s most important asset. Culture and Engagement Solutions keep employees actively involved so they’ll be more productive, creative, and supportive of the company culture, mission, and values. Because when everyone’s working together and has a voice, it’s good for business. 

The importance of culture and engagement

A corporate culture that encourages participation and collaboration from employees across the organization translates into a happier, more productive workforce. By putting people first and building an engaging sense of community, you’ll create a digital workplace that connects your entire organization, no matter where your employees are. You’ll open up lines of communication and foster a rich organizational culture. 

In today’s social world, hierarchies and barriers are obsolete. Your digital workplace fosters connections with senior leadership by creating a place where employees can find out all they want to know about the people at the top, and even comment on their blogs.

Key benefits

  • Defines who the company is (e.g core values)
  • Improves recruiting of new talent (e.g. your brand and referrals)
  • Increases employee satisfaction
  • Helps with new employee onboarding (e.g. mentors, drive values)
  • Builds a sense of community
  • Improves overall well being of your employees

Key stakeholders

  • Employees
  • Human Resources
  • Chief People Officer

Typical use cases

  • Become a sharing organization by allowing staff to comment, like, and rate corporate content
  • Create a kudos zone to facilitate and reward employees for going above and beyond
  • Create a leaderboard to acknowledge your top performers
  • Set up a clubs area to promote engagement around interests
  • Place a Widget on your homepage to promote and welcome your new hires
  • Create an events zone to promote and celebrate corporate events
  • Share fun stuff

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