Corporate Communications

Communication is the glue that holds every good business together. It flows in every direction and clears a path for people to find the information they need. Communication Solutions help organizations tell a consistent story and enable meaningful conversations across your organization. When everyone’s speaking the same language, there’s less confusion, less noise, and a lot more work getting done.

The importance of corporate communications

It’s vital to keep everyone aligned and informed no matter their department, level, or location. People need to know what your organization stands for and how their contributions fit in. With a digital workplace solution, sharing the company vision is easy. Plus, it empowers employees to publish and consume content in an open and dynamic way, giving them more control over their work and a stronger connection with the organization. Your digital workplace brings your culture online, so you can show your employees that they chose a great place to work – right from day one.

Key benefits

  • Align employees to your vision, mission and strategy
  • Keep everyone informed
  • Boost employee morale
  • Build a sense of community
  • Educate employees so they can participate in decision-making
  • Increase satisfaction through information sharing
  • Build trust with management and leadership
  • Improve corporate culture by communicating positive messages and minimizing the rumor mill
  • Tap into employee ideas and feedback
  • Promote health and wellness 

Key stakeholders

  1. Communications
  2. Marketing
  3. HR

Typical use cases 

  • Share strategy via a CEO blog
  • Publish corporate or regional news to the entire company
  • Set up a leadership corner to share updates with your management teams
  • Publish team- or department-specific news 
  • Bubble up updates from your corporate Twitter feed
  • Bring in market or competitive inteligence via RSS feeds


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