Building Blocks

Define the building blocks of your solution strategy

Understanding and defining the key building blocks of a solution strategy is the first step towards a successful solution roll out and the creation of a strategic roadmap for each solution

Solution building blocks

Once you've prioritized the solutions within your digital workplace, it's time to create a roadmap for implementation and launch. Our Consultants recommend each solution have its own dedicated roadmap and include the following key seven building blocks:

CustomerCare_ListNumbers-01.pngKey use cases and outcomes
CustomerCare_ListNumbers-02.pngBusiness challenges it solves
CustomerCare_ListNumbers-04.pngInformation architecture
CustomerCare_ListNumbers-05.pngVisual design
CustomerCare_ListNumbers-06.pngLaunch plan

It's strongly recommended that you keep your solution configuration simple. You can always add complexity (e.g. links, content, moderation, channels, etc.) at a later date. Simple, easy-to-use solutions have the highest adoption rates.

Limiting your solution roll-out

As a general rule, Igloo recommends launching a maximum of three solutions at initial launch. The benefits to a "less is more" strategy to the organization is tremendous, not to mention that it increases your probability for initial success. Remember, you only get one chance to launch.

  • Higher probability for success
  • Requires fewer resources
  • Learn from the experience (e.g. do's and don'ts) for future phases
  • Easier to measure success and drive adoption

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