Building Blocks

Define the building blocks of your solution strategy

Understanding and defining the key building blocks of a solution strategy is the first step towards a successful solution roll out and the creation of a strategic roadmap for each solution

Solution building blocks

Once you've prioritized the solutions within your digital workplace, it's time to create a roadmap for implementation and launch. Our Consultants recommend each solution have its own dedicated roadmap based on the following building blocks:

CustomerCare_ListNumbers-01.pngKey use cases and outcomes
CustomerCare_ListNumbers-02.pngBusiness challenges it solves
CustomerCare_ListNumbers-04.pngInformation architecture
CustomerCare_ListNumbers-05.pngVisual design
CustomerCare_ListNumbers-06.pngLaunch plan

It's strongly recommended that you keep your solution configuration simple. You can always add more complexity (e.g. links, content, moderation, channels, etc.) later. Simple, easy-to-use solutions have the highest adoption rates.

Limiting your solution roll-out

As a general rule, Igloo recommends launching a maximum of three solutions at your initial launch. This "less is more" strategy increases your probability of initial success. Remember, you only get one chance to launch. Benefits of this type of phased approach include: 

  • Higher probability for success
  • Fewer resources required
  • Opportunity to learn from the experience (e.g. dos and don'ts) for future phases
  • Ability to easily measure success and drive adoption

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