The Benefits

What are the benefits of the Boardroom Solution?

The Boardroom Solution creates a secure digital destination for all board members to connect, stay organized, and access key information.


Screen%20Shot%202017-07-21%20at%208.10.06%20AM.pngSimplify the meeting process
Reduce prep time and boost productivity with fast, mobile access to centralized resources – including meeting packages and agendas – and the ability to review outcomes.

Eliminate the risk of information leaks
Collaborate with confidence knowing that everything in the Boardroom Solution is only accessible to board members. And with granular role and permission settings, it's easy to manage member access.

Guarantee everything’s read and understood
Read-tracking and resolution acceptance functionality allows the Chair of the Board, or designated administrators, to easily follow up with members to approve initiatives, resolutions, and policy changes.

Connect in between meetings
In between your board meetings, keep the other members up to date on task status by posting live updates as they occur. If you need a question answered but want to keep it visible to all members as the single source of truth, publish it here for quick inline response (without all the CCing and Reply All on email). Need to target a specific board member? Easily “@” mention them for an instant notification.

The Boardroom Solution makes it easy for board members to schedule events, post policies and meeting minutes, and organize action items - all while remaining private from the rest of the organization.

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