Stage 3: Solutions

Building your Solution Roadmap

The third stage of your digital transformation journey is creating a Solution Roadmap. Our team of consultants work with you to determine what solutions are being rolled out, who they're being rolled out to, when they're being launched, and what business challenges they're intended to solve.

Creating a solution strategy

 You've created a plan
 You've got a visual design
✔  You've built a content plan

It's time to create your solution strategy and your roadmap for launch. The first step at this stage is the creation of a solution strategy which is an integral part of your digital workplace plan. Your solution strategy outlines your roadmap for launching solutions within your digital workplace. 

We recommend prioritizing digital workplace solutions based on the following five criteria:

CustomerCare_ListNumbers-01.pngBusiness challenges you are trying to solve
CustomerCare_ListNumbers-02.pngLevel of business value to the organization
CustomerCare_ListNumbers-03.pngLevel of effort (e.g. do you have to change processes or build content)
CustomerCare_ListNumbers-04.pngResources available (e.g. experts, competing projects)
CustomerCare_ListNumbers-05.pngTime and budget constraints


Note: This diagram represents a common project workflow and is provided solely as an example. Your project’s workflow may differ depending on services purchased.

Four simple steps to building a solution roadmap

Building a solution roadmap shouldn't be hard if you align your strategy to the business challenges you are trying to solve with your digital workplace. There are four simple steps to get you started on your solution strategy:

  1. Define your building blocks
  2. Prioritize your challenges
  3. Choose your solutions
  4. Create digital destinations
PlaybookTip_Icon.pngPlaybook Tip: Top digital workplace solutions

To help you get started with your solution strategy and roadmap, here are the top five solutions customers deploy during the initial phase of their digital workplace journey.

  1. Newsroom
  2. Onboarding Center
  3. Company Directory
  4. Team Rooms
  5. Recognition Center


Access key resources to build your solution roadmap.


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