Workplace Personas

How do workplace personas affect your plan?

Today's modern workplace is all about employees. Employees have different needs based on their roles and responsibilities within the organization. To truly meet the needs of all employees, organizations must understand and align their digital workplace strategy to the unique personas in their workforce.  

Three digital workplace personas

At the highest level, there are three distinct personas in any organization, each with their own set of unique responsibilities, attributes and needs. These three personas are critically important to the success of any digital workplace strategy. You need to plan and architect your solution to meet their unique roles, traits, needs, and expectations.


The "Me" = employees


The "We" = team


The "Us" = organization

The "Me"

For employees, the digital workplace is all about personalization and how it can help them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Key requirements for the Me persona are:

  • Ability to personalize the destination according to their role and work style
  • Ability to work with their favorite tools and role-based applications (BYOA)
  • Easy to use
  • Social features to connect with their peers
  • Mobile-friendly

The "We"

For teams (e.g. departments, business units, projects), the digital workplace is all about collaboration, knowledge management, and group productivity. Key requirements for the We persona are:

  • A suite of team collaboration abilities (i.e. project spaces, document management, shared calendars, tasks, and workflows)
  • A portfolio of solutions for a specific team and department challenges
  • Provides greater team agility
  • Ability to leverage existing tech investments
  • Ability to integrate with the apps and tools the teams are already using
  • Ability to quickly find information and expertise, and publish standard team operating procedures  to reduce duplication of work

The "Us"

At the organization level, the digital workplace is about bringing everyone together for an understanding of shared purpose. The real focus is on culture and brand. Key requirements for the Us persona are:

  • An inspiring corporate destination where all employees feel welcome and connected, regardless of location, time zone, or language
  • A place to share company vision, priorities, and KPIs
  • A way for employees to build relationships with senior leaders and understand how their work is contributing to the bigger picture
  • Ability to recognize employees for going above and beyond, and showcase the values and behaviors that are important to the business
  • A way for employees to learn about key aspects of the business (policies, benefits, and more), and a single source of truth for company brand assets

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