Prep Kit

Getting started with the Prep Kit

To complete the preparation stage of your journey, you must review and complete the deliverables found in your Prep Kit. Our Professional Services team sends you a Prep Kit which includes everything you need to prepare your team for your digital workplace implementation initiative.

Where do I start?

When you partner with Igloo, your journey begins with the Prep Kit. Sent to you by our Professional Services team (2 to 3 weeks before your Kick-off Meeting), the Prep Kit provides the fundamental building blocks for your digital workplace plan. The kit helps you narrow your focus on what really matters, solving real business challenges with a proven plan, approach, and support. 

You'll need to complete and return a specific set of deliverables outlined in the Prep Kit before the Kick-off Meeting, including assembling your internal project team, updating team members on key project deliverables, and assigning specific roles and responsibilities required to support the project. Your Igloo project team uses this information to ensure alignment between both teams. 

What's in the Prep Kit?

The kit includes:

  • Sales Proposal
  • Sales Contract and SOW(s)
  • Checklist: Assign project team
  • Checklist: Assign key stakeholders (who is being interviewed during consulting)
  • Checklist: Summarize digital workplace goals, objectives and outcomes
  • Checklist: Summarize solution requirements
  • Checklist: IT requirements

Watch the Prep Kit Overview video to learn more about the kit and what's involved at this stage of the project. 

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