Prep Kit

Getting started with the Prep Kit

The first step in the Prep Stage is to review and complete the deliverables found in your Prep Kit. Our Professional Services team sends you a Prep Kit which includes everything you need to prepare your team for your digital workplace implementation initiative.

Where does your digital transformation journey begin?

It starts with your Prep Kit. Think of this kit as the first step in the Prep Stage.

The Prep Kit is sent by our Services team two weeks before the project Kick-off Meeting with Igloo. It serves as the fundamental building blocks for your digital workplace plan – narrowing your focus on what really matters – solving real business challenges with a proven plan, approach, and support. It also gives you a window of time to assemble your team, update team members on key project deliverables, and assign specific roles and responsibilities at each stage of the implementation process. This is an important step in the Igloo framework as it helps to keep the project on spec, on time, and on budget.

Note: You'll need to complete and return a specific set of deliverables before the Kick-off Meeting. Your project team at Igloo uses this information to ensure alignment between both teams.

Your Prep Kit

The kit includes the following items:

  • Sales Proposal
  • Sales Contract & SOW(s)
  • Checklist: Assign project team
  • Checklist: Assign key stakeholders (who is being interviewed during consulting)
  • Checklist: Summarize digital workplace goals, objectives and outcomes
  • Checklist: Summarize solution requirements
  • Checklist: IT requirements

Video: Prep Kit overview

The purpose of this video is to provide customers with a guided tour of the Igloo Prep Kit which they will receive 2 to 3 weeks prior to kick-off to prepare them for their digital workplace implementation.

Learning objectives

After watching this video, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the purpose and value of Prep Kit
  • Recall the activities that occur at each stage of the Igloo Implementation Framework
  • Identify the activities we do, the ones you do, and the ones we do together
  • Recognize the roles that make up the Igloo Professional Services Team
  • Complete the five Preparation Checklist milestones
  • Locate additional resources found in the Digital Workplace Playbook


The following roles represent the target audience for this video:

  • Executive Sponsor(s)
  • Project Sponsor(s)
  • Project/Program Manager
  • Launch Manager
  • Digital Workplace Manager


Igloo provides two weeks for you to review the Prep Kit and submit the deliverables to the Igloo project team before the Project Kick-Off Meeting.

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