Digital Workplace

What is a digital workplace?

There’s no doubt that the internet has changed the way we work. But, companies still struggle with information barriers and a limited understanding of organizational expertise which can have a crippling effect on productivity, engagement, and innovation. Enter the era of the digital workplace - a single destination that connects your entire organization in the cloud.

What is a digital workplace?

It depends on who you ask. According to the Digital Workplace Group, the digital workplace is a collection of all the digital tools provided by an organization to allow its employees to do their jobs. Building on this definition, a digital workplace is a unified workplace where tools, technologies and solutions facilitate employee productivity, innovation, and engagement – anytime, anywhere. 

It's about creating a digital destination that connects your People, Processes and Information in an effort to improve employee productivity, drive innovation and create competitive advantage.

Key business drivers

Success in today’s competitive marketplace is often measured by how quickly an organization adapts to market conditions, industry trends, competitive threats, and an ever-changing workforce. The speed at which a information flows through its internal network is a crucial factor in its ability to act quickly on major business decisions. When the flow of information is stalled or derailed, the results can be detrimental to an organization's bottom line.

  1. Time is wasted looking for information or expertise, and duplicating or re-creating work.
  2. Knowledge and expertise are locked inside the minds and memory of your employees
  3. Projects stall because teams spend more time talking about work than actually doing it.
  4. Trust in leadership wanes due to a lack of direction and accountability.
  5. Employees become disengaged and less productive at work.

Knowing that these effects can have a negative and lasting impact on the future of their business, many organizations are urgently turning to digital workplace solutions to solve these challenges.   

It's about creating connections in your business

At the heart of our framework is a fundamental understanding — that a digital workplace is all about creating connections within your business. By connecting people to people, people to information, and people to processes, overall productivity improves. Your digital workplace puts business in context and creates key connections between the people and information your employees need in order to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively — inside the organization and out.


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