Corporate Culture

How can you create a positive corporate culture?

Culture isn’t a program or task that you can check off a list. It's the DNA of an organization. It's the set of behaviors and beliefs that determine how things get done. It's also the character and personality of your organization – what makes you unique. Finally, it's the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” as the saying goes.

The DNA of your corporate culture

Motivated by more than salary, employees today want to feel part of something bigger than themselves and their jobs. They want to ensure their needs and values are consistent with the larger workplace culture. Organizations with a thriving culture are reaping the benefits: they attract the best talent, have the lowest turnover, and are more profitable in the long term. We live in the age of the empowered employee, so maximizing adoption and engagement is mission-critical to any successful digital workplace solution. 

Perks like espresso machines, ping pong tables, and annual off-site getaways only support your culture after it’s firmly established. True culture can’t be bought — it’s formed over the long term. It connects people with purpose and is evident in your company's values and beliefs. If employees are engaged in your workplace culture and feel like they belong, they work harder, stay longer, and have a measurable effect on critical business results.

The numbers tell the story:

  • Companies with both highly aligned cultures and highly aligned innovation strategies have 30% higher enterprise value growth and 17% higher profit growth than companies with low alignment.
  • Companies with engaged employees see 233% greater customer loyalty and a 26% greater annual increase in revenue.
  • Culturally engaged employees have 70% fewer accidents, 56% fewer sick days, and 25% less absenteeism compared to their disengaged counterparts.
  • The cost of losing valued employees ranges from 6-9 months of salary for regular employees to more than 24 months for leaders and executives.

On top of all this, employee engagement drives:

  • The innovation of products and services
  • Quality of products and services
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost/efficiency
  • Revenue growth

Choosing the right digital workplace solution makes all this possible. Look for digital workplace solutions designed to solve HR challenges, but also the broader spectrum of challenges related to communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and employee engagement. 

Five tips to drive corporate culture

Tip 01


Facilitating authentic conversations in your organization is a great way to promote your culture and get your employees talking about what makes your company great.

Tip 02


Promoting your corporate values in your digital workplace puts them front and center with your entire staff.

Tip 03


Culture connects people with purpose and is ingrained in the work environment — it’s that feeling you get when you visit a company. Celebrate it!

Tip 04


Engage your employees in your digital workplace – make it a reflection of your corporate culture. Bottom-up... top-down.

Tip 05


The best time to instill your corporate culture is when employees are new. Make your digital workplace a key part of your employee onboarding process.

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