Success Metrics


This section of the playbook deals with measuring expected outcomes for your digital workplace strategy, including timelines. 

  • What does success look like? 
  • How can we measure it? 
  • What tools can I use?
  • How do you measure ROI and/or ROO? 

The following table provides a quick checklist to get you started on developing a plan for measuring business outcomes for success.

Planning Checklist



How are you going to measure success?

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Return on Objective (ROO)
  • How frequently is success measured?
  • Who is responsible for measuring success?
  • Who is responsible for creating a success plan in partnership with Igloo?

Measuring success from a qualitative perspective

Measure success by looking at hard numbers and ROI.
Measure success by each solution deployed within your digital workplace:
  • Newsroom
  • Leadership Corner
  • Onboarding Center
  • Compliance Center
  • Departmental Rooms
  • People Directory
  • Measure usage - readers vs contributors
  • Measure information consumption - readers vs downloaders
  • Measure reduction in sent emails 
  • Measure reduction in time to find information
  • Measure reduction in time for employee onboarding 

Measuring success from a quantitative perspective

Measure success by looking at the Return on Objectives (ROO) for your digital workplace solution.
  • Measure productivity changes
  • Measure innovation changes
  • Measure competitive advantage changes
  • Measure onboarding quality changes

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