This section of the playbook provides a quick checklist for building an implementation roadmap for the first 36 months. 

Planning Checklist




Map out the timelines for your implementation roadmap.
  • Break it out into small phases
  • Focus on one solution (e.g. stakeholder group) at a time
  • Add buffers for any unknowns (e.g. software development)
  • Build a 24-month roadmap
  • Break it out into quarterly outcomes

Stakeholders & ownership

Break out key stakeholder deliverables and ownership of tasks.
  • Who owns what?
  • What is to be delivered and when?
  • What are the escalation points?
  • Checkpoints:
    1. Strategy review
    2. Deliverable review
    3. Maintenance review

Usability and design

Summarize key milestones for UX and design of your digital workplace solution.
  • UX deliverables, reviews, approvals, and implementation
  • Wireframe deliverables, reviews, approvals, and implementation
  • Usability testing (e.g. who, when, and how)
  • Review and refresh each digital workplace solution every quarter
  • Do regular employee surveys on UX, design, and functionality (e.g. every 6 months)
  • Add a feedback zone to encourage employees to provide feedback

Daily operations

Assign ownership of daily operations and management of your digital workplace solutions.
  • Digital workplace strategy (e.g. solution rollouts, enhancements, integrations, UX improvements)
  • Solution rollout and management
  • Security (e.g. authentication and permissions)
  • User management – adding and removing users
  • Meeting schedules
  • Escalation and resolution policies and procedures
  • Governance committee

Technical requirements

In which order are you looking to implement the various technical elements (such as integrations) identified during the goals and objectives portion of the project?
  • Map out the various technical elements and their respective solutions

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