This section of the playbook provides a checklist to help you define your digital workplace technical architecture.

Planning Checklist



Technical architecture

Consider your organization's requirements in the following areas:

  • Disaster Recovery requirements
  • Multi-tenancy vs. Semi-single-tenancy
  • Privacy requirements (i.e. HIPAA)
  • Authentication mechanism
  • Single sign on mechanism
  • Key integration points
How will each integration connect to your digital workplace:
  • Simple integration (link)
  • Partial integration
    • Out of the box
    • To be developed (By Igloo, third party, or your team)
  • Full integration
    • Out of the box
    • To be developed

Solution architecture

  • Identify out-of-the-box solutions to be used
  • Understand how each solution functions, and make the required adjustments to meet your organization's goals and objectives
  • Create custom solutions based on the identified goals and objectives

Resource architecture

  • Identify what resources are needed for each part of the project
  • Acquire appropriate resource approvals
  • Create a resource communication plan

Engagement & adoption architecture

  • Create a launch strategy
  • Create a pilot phase(s) strategy
  • Create an adoption strategy
  • Create an engagement strategy

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