Defining Outcomes

Defining measurable and attainable outcomes

Assigning a project manager (PMO certified if possible) to manage the project is recommended. They will act as the quarterback coordinating milestones, tasks (SMART) and schedules - keeping your digital workplace project plan on track. It is also recommended to be conservative in your timeline and launch estimates - it is best to be conservative and realistic.

Planning your timeline and schedule 

In today's corporate world, all projects seem to have a deadline of yesterday. The reality is that timelines and schedules must be flexible and realistic to be accomplished. Consider the following to create a timeline and schedule for your digital workplace project: 

  • Will the digital workplace be launched at once or in phases?
  • What are your corporate-defined timelines?
  • Do you have any pending corporate events that may affect the timeline?
  • Have you worked in sick days, vacation days, statutory holidays, etc.?
  • Have you considered the accessibility of the people working on this project?
  • Do you have control over resources?  Are you competing with anyone for access to those resources?
  • What are the risk factors involved and have you set aside enough time to deal with these risks - and with unexpected risks?
  • What is your contingency plan should the project fail to meet its deadline?

Key deliverables and tasks 

As you put together a timeline and schedule your digital workplace project, be sure to think about creating both strategic and tactical plans throughout the project lifecycle. 

Strategic plans

  • Digital Workplace Plan (e.g. strategy and roadmap)
  • Solution Plan 
  • Design Plan

Tactical plans

Project plan (e.g. milestones, resources, deliverables)

  1. Identification of key stakeholders
  2. Establishment of an advisory council and steering committee
  3. Funding plan
  4. Staffing and resource plan
  5. Needs analysis
  6. Implementation plan
  7. Content plan
  8. Engagement plan
  9. Launch plan
  10. Operations plan
  11. Growth plan

PlaybookTip_Icon.pngPlaybook Tip: Celebrate your successes
It is always better to "under promise and over deliver." Don't forget that if this is your first time launching a digital workplace solution, there will be many unknowns, hurdles, and roadblocks throughout the journey. It can be stressful and at times overwhelming... so make a point t to celebrate accomplishing key milestones to keep your digital workplace team engaged and motivated.

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